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Monday, June 30, 2008


Natalia Annenko – “Peter Chernishov is a rare present for any woman.”

Translation of an interview by Anna Veligzhanina (AV), a correspondent of the Russian language publication “Komsomolskays Pravda” printed on June 12, 2008

Figure skater Natalia Annenko (NA), former wife of seven years to figure skater Peter Chernishov -- who became famous in Russia due to his romance with a popular TV personality, currently lives in the US.

NA – I met Peter when he joined our skating group in Moscow. At that time I was a well known figure skater. I was skating with Genrikh Stretenski, participated in the Olympics. Peter was just a beginning ice dancer. I was seven years older than he was. It did not make sense for me to drop my partner and to start skating with Peter. We were well known internationally, Annenko & Stretenski.

With Peter, we just fell in love with each other. Peter surrounded me with tender loving care from the very beginning. He was a serious person. When he fell in love, he approached it seriously and soon proposed to me. We were so busy that we got married much later – we did not have time to get married. We were traveling for competitions. I was also involved in tours. He would send me presents and flowers in every city where I was at the time. In the States, when I participated in shows, he could fly cross-country just to see me and then would fly right back.

AV – What kind of a person was he?

NA – Oh, as a person he was very good, even great! He was soft, intelligent and taking very good care of me. For all of our life together I could not remember even a single quarrel, or his raising his voice on me. I felt very safe with him. He always calmed me down before competitions. I am an explosive, impulsive person, while he would never lose his cool, he would never blow up. I could always lean on his strong shoulder.

AV – What about helping you with the household?

NA – Actually we traveled more than stayed in one place. But he took care of the apartment and its repairs. He was the one who suggested buying an apartment in Russia. We lived very well in the center of Moscow. We went to restaurants, movies and in general we were very happy. In seven years we did not have any problems.

AV – Someone said that Peter easily falls in love. Is it true?

NA – No, I would not say so. He did not give me any reason to be jealous in the seven years that we were together. I think that he could love only one person at a time. He was very serious and reliable.

AV – It looks like he was an ideal husband. Why did you break up then?

NA – He would have been ideal if we would stay together and have kids. Something was missing and we divorced. I can not complain about him. I understand that he fell in love with his beautiful American partner, Naomi (Lang). At that time, I completed my skating career and became a coach. Peter and Naomi continued skating, went to the World Championships. Peter was hiding his growing feelings for Naomi, he did not want to upset me, but I noticed everything. I could have fought them, but I did not want to. I wanted a normal family - a child and a home, while he did not want it. I think that our views of life became different. I was 35 years old and wanted to have a child. I had completely realized my goals in sports, while Peter was still on his way up. He liked competitions. Peter and Naomi had more in common than Peter and I.

AV – Were you jealous?

NA - Of course. But I understood him very well. Naomi was a spectacular girl. He was infatuated with her. Peter and I had no scandals, we divorced peacefully.

AV – Did you try to change him, to convince him to live for yourselves rather than for a career?

NA – To be a leader in his family, Peter had to become an accomplished skater. He was very close to achieving this goal. It would have been difficult for us if we had not broken up. I would have to wait until he finished his career.

AV – Did he confess to you that he was in love with Naomi?

NA – No, he did not, he was hiding it from me. But it was so difficult to hide. I could see that some feelings were developing between them. Incidentally I think that initially he did not want their feelings to become serious. He was struggling until we divorced. The official romance between them started when we divorced. It is hard to say who initiated our divorce. Just that a critical moment arrived when it became clear that we could not continue our life together any more. We understood that we wanted different things in life. Now I am married, I have two children. I have the life which I was dreaming of. After our divorce, Peter left me everything – the house and the money. When he sold the apartment in Moscow, he gave me the proceeds. He left me all my jewelry, although I had a well paying job. He left everything to me. He was working hard to support himself. Incidentally, after the divorce he was sometimes sending me the flowers. Even now he calls and inquires after me.

AV – Were you hurt when you split?

NA – Of course I was hurt. I did not marry him for nothing – I loved him very much. But I would not force him to stay with me.

AV – Are you sorry to break up with him?

NA – Sometimes I am thinking – if we were not divorced, what would happen to us? But then I remember how it was and feel that we made the right decision. Our separation was natural for us.

AV – Did you suffer for a long time after the divorce?

NA – Yes, I did. But it was useless to hold on to him. His heart was not with me. To let him go was probably better than to hold on to him.

AV – Nevertheless he left his American wife, as well.

NA – It was her initiative. She was searching for something all of the time.

AV – Would you like to have him back?

NA – It is too late now. I have a very good family. The past is the past. Two years after my divorce from Peter, I got married. All that time he was with Naomi.

AV – I am surprised how you could break up peacefully! You loved him and so easily gave him up to another woman.

NA – Many people could not understand how that could happen. I do not have any angry feelings toward him, it just happened. He never upset me during our marriage.

AV – How well is he off now? Does he have money?

NA – Yes, he does. After our divorce he bought a house. He could always earn money. His parents were well off and supported us. He never had problems with money.

AV – Have you heard that Peter now has a romance with a famous actress in Moscow – Anastasia Zavorotnuk?

NA – Yes, I heard about that. What can I tell you; I think that she is a lucky woman. I live in the States and do not know this actress, but I think that any woman who would end up with Peter will be lucky! He is a very good man – careful, attentive, respectful and generous.

AV – There is gossip that he is looking for a rich bride.

NA – I did not have that impression of him, not at all. He is handsome and well off. He does not need anything since he has everything. He has fame and titles. He is looking for love. He wants a family. I wish him happiness.
Friday, June 27, 2008


Plushchenko will not come back!

Translation of an article by Artem Stotsky printed in the Russian Language publication “Express Gazeta” on June 24, 2008.

Instead of getting ready for the Grand Prix, the skater will go on a commercial tour of Germany.

Many statements of the Olympic Champion Evgeny Pluschenko about returning to big sports have nothing to do with the real plans of the figure skater. Instead of his promised participation in the Russian National Team this fall, he will be going on a tour with his ice show – “The Golden Ice of Stradivarius.”

The International Skaters Union published a list of participants in the Grand Prix competitions for 2008. Plushchenko was not on that list. And it is not surprising at all, since most of Germany is covered with announcements and advertisements for his commercial show which starts at the same time as the Grand Prix. Instead of medals, Evgeny would rather earn money. It is understandable, since the prizes of the Grand Prix could not meet his requirements in money. His romance with producer Jana Rudkovsky requires a lot of money.

At the same time the skater is assuring his fans that he is getting ready for the 2010 Olympics at a skating base in Estonia. Experts are laughing at these statements.
While he was working his shows, new stars appeared in figure skating. He is practicing only to get in shape for the commercial tours. Otherwise he is risking to be left not only without medals, but without money as well.
Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Romance of two figure skaters - Yagudin and Totmjanina!

Translation of an article by Maria Remizova printed in a Russian language publication “Komsomolskaya Pravda” on June 12, 2008.

In his autobiography the famous figure skater disappointed his female admirers stating that he would not get married until he was forty years old.

But after he had a hot romance with the soloist of the group “Fabrica” - a charming blond named Sasha Savelieva, his fans concluded that Aleksey had decided to give up his bachelor’s status.

In his last interview with this newspaper he said: - “I feel so at ease with Sasha. I finally found my other half.” But in less than a month after that interview, the couple announced their break up.

Sasha confirmed that they'd broken up, but said that they were staying in good friendly relations. Yagudin did not disclose the reasons for the break up yet.

Gossip has it that they broke up because of a new love interest of Yagudin's. It is rumored that currently he is dating his colleague, the figure skater Tatiana Totmjanina.

A few years ago Tatiana was the girlfriend of his archrival – Evgeny Pluschenko. She was even called his wife on the road, although they were never formally married. After splitting they stayed friendly for a long time. But the friendship shattered when last year Tatiana, attracted by higher pay, left the show of Plushcenko and went to work for his competitor – Ilja Averbuch.

It was also said that Yagudin was attracted to Tatiana for a long time, but she did not notice him. Everything changed about 6 moths ago. Yagudin invited Tatiana as a spectator to the show “Ice period." And she came to meet him there.

Now it is being said in the sports community that they do not hide their relationship. At the end of May the lovers were openly kissing at the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg.
Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Irina Lobacheva: Averbuch never lived in this apartment!

Translation of an interview with Irina Lobacheva (IL) by Olga Shablinskaya (OS) printed in the Russian language publication “” on June 4, 2008.

Irina Lobacheva and Ilja Averbuch were remodeling their apartment for the last 5 years. Today only Irina and their son Martin live in this apartment.

OS – Both of you were born outside of Moscow. How did you conquer Moscow?

IL – We were renting for several years. It was hard. In principle, any apartment that I would clean becomes mine. My friends ironically tell me that I washed a lot of places in Volgograd, Gomel and Moscow. Now I can add on this list also Voronezh, I opened there one of my schools of figure skating. I am used to living out of a suit case. But of course I always wanted to have my own place. We have had this place for the last 5 years, but moved in only 6 months ago.

OS – It has been said that the difficulties of every day life may breaks up couples better than any mistress.

IL – It is unfortunate but Ilja and I succumbed to too much wandering. Rental apartment can not compete with one’s own. It was less and less attractive to go home. It is possible that it played a role in our breaking up. The separation with Ilja was very difficult for me, even though I was the one who filed for divorce. I lived through a lot at that time. I felt terrible. My participation in the show “Ice Period’ somewhat helped. I kept myself busy. Also, I continued my coaching and took care of our son. I just did not have time to despair. Initially I felt very bad when I would run into Ilja at work, but then I calmed down.

OS – Irina, a year ago in our interview you told me that when you were angry with Ilja you were telling him to find himself a better woman. And he usually replied that he could find only a worse one, not better.

IL – It may very well be the truth. But the deed is done – each one of us has our own life. I am content with our current relations. Both of us are bringing up our son. We meet professionally. Ilja helps me, and if he would ask, I would help him as well. But there is no way back – it is not in my character!

OS – Speaking of ice shows, many sports people say that it is very difficult to train non-skaters - too many hysterics, caprices and bouts of self importance.

IL – Yes, it is a problem with some of the actors, but I was very lucky. At first I skated with ,Valery Sutkin a very calm and serious person. Now I am skating with Dima Marjanov. We practically did not have any tantrums.

OS – At the time of divorce, Ilja left you the apartment. Do you think it was a noble move from his side, or you think that the father has to do this for his child?

IL – It was a noble move. But I think that if a man has character (which is not common with today’s men) that would be in principle a normal and natural move.

OS – Did Ilja have a chance to live in this apartment?

IL – No. At first I moved in and slept on the sofa. Later I brought Martin in. Our son participated in furnishing the apartment. We went to the store together and he helped in selecting the furniture. Here he feels himself completely happy. It is a big apartment - he can play soccer or just run around – there is enough space for him.

OS – I wonder why did it take you so long to move into your own apartment?

IL – It was not ready. The process of remodeling was sometimes stopped because of us – we were traveling a lot, we did not even have time to go to a store and select the materials, and sometimes there was a shortage of money. We worked a lot at that time.

OS – Did you remodel by yourselves?

IL – No. I feel that everyone should do the job that they have. We had a designer for the remodeling. We had a lot of meetings. I was telling him what I liked and what I did not. Also, we had a lot of problems with building permits.

OS – It seems that you will have difficulties keeping up this huge apartment. Will you hire domestic help?

IL – May be later, but for now I will clean it myself. Maybe not all at once, maybe it would be piece by piece and it would take long time, but I would be sure that I cleaned every corner. I trust only myself!
Thursday, June 12, 2008


Romance with figure skater just a hoax.

Translation of an excerpt from an article by Alena Fadeeva printed in the Russian language publication “Express Gazeta” on May 23, 2008.

Recently,many mass media outlets published articles about the break-up of a famous TV couple, Zhuigunov and Zavorotnuk, due to her infatuation with a figure skater. It appears now that the whole story was a PR hoax.

The love story of sudden feelings between Anastasia Zavorotnuk and five time National Champion of the USA Peter Chernishev was touching to the point of inspiring tears. They met at the ice show “Dancing with the Stars”. They fought their feelings. Anastasia with tears in her eyes confessed to her partner on the TV show. He decided not to stand in the way of the lovers and walked away. What a wonderful and touching story!

According to the mass media, the figure skater moved in with Anastasia and lived with her for 2 months. But it did not last long. Anastasia suddenly “learned” that her boyfriend was a womanizer. He also was a user - in two month he did not contribute anything to their household, but rather spent her money.

The story continued and soon, again all of a sudden, Anastasia “learned” that her boyfriend had two other girlfriends – one in St. Petersburg, the home town of Chernishev, and one in the USA, where he currently lives and works. She became very upset and threw him out.

As it became known to this publication, this entire story was a hoax - Mr. Chernishev has never been in love with Anastasia, and he never lived in her apartment. It was inconceivable that she would bring a “new father” to live with her and her two children from a previous marriage. Anastasia is a good mother and would never do that to her children. Also, we could only imagine what their father, her ex-husband, would say! He would definitely not allow that!

To add to the notion that it was all a PR move, we learned that Mr. Chernishov joined the ice show “Dancing with the Stars” last year. He was skating with a soloist of the group “Shining,” Ms. Julia Kovalchuk. He was introduced to the show by Mr. Ari Zakarian – the agent of Evgeny Pluschenko and Irina Slutskaya. It was said that the idea of a hoax about the love story between Mr. Chernishev and Anastasia Zavorotnuk was created by Mr. Zakarian. One would ask why? A similar story about a love connection between Mr. Chernishev and Ms. Kovalchuk was circulating among the mass media last year. It was done to bring more attention to the show!

This year, the 37 year old Chernishev will participate in two shows, one of which will be the show “Dances on Ice”. So, the more attention, the better for the shows!

As to the subject of his living with Ms. Zavorotnuk, it was all nonsense! He does not even know her address! Their friends were telling us that they saw each other about 6 month ago. When they asked Anastasia a direct question about her relations with Mr. Chernishew, she laughed and replied that she did not need him for anything. When asked the same thing, Peter was very evasive and said: “It is too early to talk about that subject. Maybe sometime later, but not now.” It all fits the pattern of a hoax – when there is nothing to talk about, it is better to make the story murkier and to bring in a lot of fog. The process started. The public bought the story and swallowed the bait. They just need to maintain the story. And Mr. Chernishev knows how to play the game.

In his stormy youth, he was quite a persistent man. Initially a beautiful figure skater Natalia Annenko caught his eye. She was skating with Genrikh Stretenski, who was in love with her and wanted to ask her to marry him. But he was beaten to it by Mr. Chernishev. Peter and Natalia were married for seven years and than divorced.

His next passion was the American skater Naomi Lang. The famous journalist Arthur Verner, who wrote about the figure skaters for many years, remembered that during international competitions Naomi and Peter stayed in the same room in hotels and behaved as a husband and wife.

He added: “I think that they may even formalize their relations. I am stationed in Germany at this time, but if I would run into Mr. Chernishev I would ask him when he broke up with Naomi. Regarding his affair with Ms. Zavorotnuk, I think that it is a hoax.”

(Ed. note: Naomi gave birth to her daughter with ice acrobat Vladimir Besedin on August 26, 2004. On December 1, 2006, Naomi accepted an on-ice marriage proposal from her boyfriend, skater Mark Fitzgerald. One has to assume that the answer to Mr. Verner's question of when Peter broke up with Naomi is, "quite a while ago, actually.")
Monday, June 09, 2008


Ilja Averbuch – our son pushed us toward divorce.

A new sincere interview with the famous figure skater.

Translation of an interview by Nadezda Bushueva (NB), a correspondent of the Russian language publication printed on May 13, 2008.

News about the divorce of Ilja Averbuch (IA) and Irina Lobacheva was taken by many as a thunderstorm on a clear day. The skater told the publication what pushed him to take that step.

NB – Do you remember your first love?

IA – Most probably I had infatuations, rather than love. The first serious feeling I had were for for Irina Lobacheva, who became my wife. Everything before that was not serious. Irina was my first woman.

NB – What about your partner, Marina Anisina?

IA – With Marina we were not even friendly, saying nothing about any sympathy. Practically every practice session ended with a quarrel or a tantrum. We parted our ways when I was 17 and she was 15, when we both were more concerned about establishing our own identities and we did not think about any relationships. Besides, Marina was still a little girl, while I was an adolescent who had just started shaving.

NB – It was told that Irina was against you and her working together as a duet.

IA – Yes, she was against it because we first started dating and then begun skating together. It was my initiative. She felt that our work would interfere with our relationship.
Incidentally we learned later that she was right.

NB – Do you remember how you started your relationship?

IA – Our paths first crossed when we were kids, when we both practiced in Natalia Dubinsky's group. We were not friends at that time. Irina was working very hard and was a role model for others. Boys around her were conflicted between the two feelings – on the one hand, we rejected her for being so outstanding, for being a person who was always praised, while on the other hand she was respected for her achievements. At that point fate separated us and we met again when I was 16, when Marina and I came to the group of Natalia Linechuk. Irina saw me not as a boy anymore, but as an adolescent. I saw her as an interesting, goal oriented person. Our relations started as with many sportspeople at the sports camp. We were at one of those in the city of Kislovodsk and that's were it all started.

NB – How did your family accept Irina?

IA – Normally. I made it clear to my parents that it was my life and my decision. We rented our own place from the very beginning so as to be independent and not to take money from my parents. I was working as a private driver.

NB – You lived together for 16 years, but your first child was born just 4 years ago, why?

IA - We were skating a lot. Almost every figure skating couple can not afford to have a child during their sports career. Irina wanted a child very much. That was why we ended our sport’s careers so early – she was 29 and I was 28. We could have skated 4 more years till the Olympics. But we were very tired and we wanted to have a full family with a child. And thanks god it happened very fast. But our family relations were built with many difficulties. It was very difficult to skate and live together. Most of the conflicts originated at work, but sometimes domestic problems spilled over on ice.

NB – Were you jealous of your wife?

IA – I am a man who wants that his woman belong to him only. Irina never gave me any reasons to be jealous. She never flirted with anyone. I was always sure of her and knew that she did not have other men.

NB – Then what was the reason for your divorce?

IA – It would sound benign, but we just got tired of each other. We lived together for 16 years. Our relations cooled off; we were trying to stay more away from each other, then to be together at home. To stay married for the sake of the child only, would be wrong. Our son saw our conflicts and strained relations. It is hard to assign the guilt in this situation. I am not trying to push the guilt off me for what had happened. Probably Irina was also guilty of something. We had great relations. But life was going on and we did not want to poison it for each other.

NB – Are you communicating?

IA – We have good relations. Irina is skating in my show with Dmitry Marjanov. She is earning her own money. We made our financial arrangements. Martin has everything that he needs. They live in the apartment that was a gift to us from the Government of Moscow. Irina is not objecting to my communications with our son Martin.

NB – What else did you leave to Irina and Martin?

IA – She is getting alimony. Also I left her the property that we bought together – she has our car. We did not divide anything. I just took my clothes. We have a summer apartment in the Crimea. We agreed that it will belong to Martin when he reaches 16. For now both of us and our parents will use it.

NB- Do you see Martin often?

IA – A few days ago we came back from Paris where we visited Disneyland. We are very tight with Martin and I am thankful to Irina for that.

NB – Was it hard on Martin when you divorced?

IA – He was fine. Incidentally, he was the one who indirectly pushed us to divorce now. We understood that the older he gets the more difficult it would be for him to understand that his mother and father were no longer together.

NB – Does Martin have your name?

IA – Yes, he is Martin Averbuch.

NB – Many people talked about you being unfaithful to Irina…

IA – This is a serious charge. I am not even going to talk about that since there were no facts. I was not unfaithful and Irina did not complain about that. I want to stress it again, I have never been and I am not now with any woman, except for Irina.

NB – But were there temptations?

IA – I was completely satisfied with Irina as a woman. And I did not have a reason to look for emotions on a side. Nowadays I am very happy with my freedom. I like to live alone; I like to be independent of anyone. Maybe I am making up for lost time. I like to do the job that I love 24 hours a day. In the near future I am not planning to start any serious relations with girls.

BN – Never say never. You may meet some nice looking fan of yours.

IA – I am not 16 any more when any nice looking girl would initiate a sexual interest. I am a mature man.

BN – But how can you escape your sexual wishes?

IA – My sexual wishes would stay as wishes, but I am now at such an age, when my head could control all of my wishes.

BN – How do you relax?

IA – I rest on the couch, watch TV, read and take walks. I like to be alone at any time or with the closest people.

BN – So you do have someone close!

IA – I have parents, friends, close people for whom I am not a star, but just a person who they've known for many years.

BN – Ilja, why do you think the people are saying that you are a homosexual?

IA – It is just terrible. It offends me as a man. As a normal man I can not talk calmly about it. I am fine with the gays and their choices, probably that was how they were made by nature, but I, thank god, was made by nature as a man who wants women.

BN – But now you are spending your life on the couch alone.

IA – I confess that the first time after we separated, and even now it was difficult for me to fall asleep alone.

BN – And?

IA – I am falling asleep with the TV because I like when there are some noises. Something is going on on the screen and under that noise I fall asleep. I am afraid that I may become a cynical bachelor, but never gay.

BN – Well, there are is new gossip that you made an actress, Alisa Grebenschikova, pregnant.

IA – One day I am gay, the other day I made someone pregnant. Don’t you think that these gossips contradict each other? Alisa is a member of the show “The Ice Period." It just happened that in the middle of the tour she learned that she was pregnant. I had nothing to do with that. Believe me, if I was involved with her, I would have enough courage and would be brave enough to admit it. To be ashamed of it, to run away and to deny it is not my style.
Friday, June 06, 2008


Tatiana Tarasova – “If Pluschenko would really come back, it will be great!”

Translation of an article printed in the Russian language publication on April 30, 2008.

Famous coach Tatiana Tarasova commented on the return of Pluschenko.

“Plushchenko is unpredictable. But he has great talent and a great coach. If Mishin says that Evgeny will come back, he will! We just have to wait and trust them.

I do believe in outstanding sportspeople. Although it is a very complicated issue.

If he really comes back, it will be great!”
Tuesday, June 03, 2008


A break up over a romance with an American figure skater.

Translation of an excerpt from an article by Olga Korenko, Tatiana Arestova and Nadezhda Bushueva printed in the Russian language publication “” on May 6, 2008.

Russian TV star actress Anastasia Zavorotnuk broke up with her TV acting partner and fiancé Zhigunov over her romance with a figure skater whom she met at an ice show.

The press found out that the reason for the break up was jealousy. The most romantic couple on Russian TV broke up because of a fatal competitor. Anastasia became very friendly with five times US national Champion in ice dancing, Peter Tchernyshev. She met Peter at the ice show “Dances on Ice, the Velvet Season” where she acted as an anchorwoman.

Peter told the press that he agreed to participate in the Russian ice show because he wanted to get closer to the Russian stars and to creative people. And really, Peter who for the last 16 years lived and worked in the USA, was meeting a lot of Russian stars, especially women. Anastasia Zavorotnuk made the most impression on Peter.

37 years old Tchernyshev was able to charm the beautiful actress during the tour of the ice show. No one could see it coming since most of the people were watching his relationship with his dancing partner, a vocalist from the group “Shining”, Julia Kovalchuk. Incidentally, that relationship was only a PR trick. Julia had a boyfriend of many years, a businessman named Sergey and was not going to break up with him.

Peter’s relationship with Anastasia was much more serious, but Peter was not making any statements or comments. He was not ready to talk to the press and suggested that in time he will tell his story.
Monday, June 02, 2008


Tatiana Navka: I arranged my personal life without Zhulin.

Translation of an article by Nadezhda Bushueva printed in the Russian language publication “” on May 27, 2008.

As it became known to the publication Zhisn, Navka found her peace in the embrace of Marat Basharov, while Zhulin in turn hooked up with his figure skating student Natalia.

In November of 2007, this publication was the first in announcing the divorce of the starry couple and that they had separated and moved to different apartments. At that time, all hell broke loose. Many papers, probably on someone’s orders, fiercely denied this information. Navka and Zhulin themselves were seen on the front pages of magazines, telling the world that they were in love and presented pictures of them hugging and spending time together, even in bed, as to contradict this publication.

Up until now they denied their divorce saying that everything was fine between them.

A few days ago, the press found out that the former spouses do not live together anymore and, moreover, that they have already found replacements for their former spouses.

Tatiana Navka and Alex Zhulin met 15 tears ago. In 1993, a wild romance started between the 30 year old coach and his 18 years old student. At that time, Zhulin was married to his figure skating partner Maya Usova. But it did not interfere with the mad passion of Tatiana and Alex, who practically lived on the ice, enjoying every minute of being together. In sports' circles it was a known fact that Navka was Alex’s mistress. The gossip reached Maya. Being a wise woman, she did not pay much attention to it and considered the infatuation to be a midlife crisis for her husband.

She remembered very well the story of Oxana Grischuk. Zhulin was telling Oxana that his marriage with Usova was just a formality, that there was no love there and that they only stayed together to avoid a public scandal in the press. Oxana fell in love with Zhulin, who even presented her with an engagement ring, but asked her not to wear it in public and not to publicize their relationship because he was concerned about gossip. Alex continued his relationship with her while being married to Usova. Oxana even considered stopping skating at Zhulin’s request.

One night around 3AM, Maya Usova called Oxana and told her that Zhulin had a new romance with Navka. She described to Oxana in great detail how Zhulin was courting Navka. When Zhulin called Oxana the next day, she broke up with him.

Up till now Zhulin considered his relationship with Oxana the main mistake of his life and called her an idiot. Oxana, in turn, did not watch her language when she was talking about their relationship. Maya Usova could not forgive him either. For seven years he was fooling around on her and after their divorce he said nasty things about her, calling her mean, vindictive and not a forgiving person. Alex did not understand that he was hurting these women and that he would be punished for that.

Tatiana Navka, before getting into the relationship with Alex, was saying that she was sure that one could not build one’s happiness on another person’s sorrow. Seeing how Maya was suffering, Tatiana was concerned that she would add more suffering to that family. But she did not worry too long about that and in 2000 she gave birth to Zhulin’s daughter. A few months before that they got married. Maya Usova would not forgive him and would not skate with him, so he had to skate with Oxana Grischuk.

This arrangement was not easy for Tatiana, but she decided that she would not be jealous. The new family lived well. The daughter was named Sasha – a female version of the name of her father Alex, as it was customary in families where parents were madly in love with each other. They lived in Montclair, New Jersey. Tatiana was skating with Roman Kostomarov while Zhulin turn professional and was coaching Navka.

In August of 2006, the family returned to Moscow to participate in an ice show. At that time they did not know that they would soon seperate.

At the show “Stars on Ice,” Navka was assigned to skate with actor Marat Basharov. There were no signs of trouble – both of them was happily married and had children. Initially Tatiana and Marat became good friends. Navka was often a guest of the Basharov family. Marat’s wife Lisa was not worried, observing his seemingly harmless friendship with Navka. Zhulin also trusted Navka. But in the sports' circles the gossip started floating.

Zhulin was telling everyone that the gossip was not true, that Tatiana was an adult and that she understood that what they were building for years could be destroyed in seconds. To start building something new would be very difficult. He hoped that she was smart enough and that even if she would consider anything inappropriate, she would think about the consequences, about what would happen with their child. He thought that it went to her head that she was circulating among bohemian people, but it would pass. She did not give him any reason to be jealous and he loved her very much. They were hoping to have a son. She would skate for another year and than they would try to get pregnant and she would finish her skating career. If she would get pregnant sooner, than she would stop skating sooner. Family was more important than her work.

At the same time, while her husband was talking about their family, Navka was fluttering about with newfound happiness.

Says Navka: “From the first day I saw Marat, I realized that we were soulmates, like brother and sister. We were so successful on the ice because we complemented each other. Marat told me that he was in love with me, but it did not mean that he would divorce his wife and come to be with me. To be a good pair the partners should feel good about each other. We had that empathy between us.”

Basharov from his side complemented Navka as well: “Tatiana combines in herself terrific qualities – she is understanding, kind, cheerful, smart and very strict. If I could not master a move, we had to practice even at night."

Basharov was jokingly telling his wife that if he was late, not to wait for him up, he would stay in practice overnight. And once, he did stay overnight.

Zhulin was in denial to the last moment, but the time came when the truth could not be hidden any more. Tatiana’s betrayal was a real shock for him. He hoped that everything would work itself out. He begged her to save the family for the sake of their daughter. But he could not tolerate the frivolity of his wife and suggested that they separate.

Navka went head over heals into her new relationship, while she and Alex and Lisa and Marat Basharov acted in public as if everything was all right and they were two happy families. It is worth to mention that Alex, even though he has a bed temperament, was able to keep friendly relationship with Navka. They periodically talk on the phone and arrange some celebrations for their daughter. The divorce of her parents was a tragedy for the girl. But that did not prevent the parents from loosing their vigilance and lately they started showing up in public with their new passions.

Recently Alex Zhulin went to a posh restaurant with a young girl. She was a student of the 44 years old coach by the name of Natalia. Zhulin was meeting with this pretty blond every day at the rink, and now she was helping him to cope with his loneness. They acted like a couple in love, drank a lot of wine and later rode off in a solver Volvo to a nearby hotel.

When told about that Navka replied: “My husband has a right to his private life and can have business meetings with women.”

It was clear that her husband had a different kind of meeting with that woman, definitely not of a business kind.

Navka herself was seen at a party in the company of Marat Basharov. The fact that their friendship had grown into something completely different could be seen even by a blind person. Initially they just hugged, but after several drinks, she climbed on his laps and was caressing his thighs. They left together in his car, leaving her car in the parking lot.

“My private live is great! My husband’s life is good as well! I repeat, I have already arranged my life.” - Tatiana told the press.
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