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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Tatiana Navka is getting married to Marat Basharov.

Translation of an article by Achmed Boziev and Tatiana Pustinnikova, printed in the Russian language publication “Zhisn” on February 3, 2009.

Tatiana Navka and Marat Basharov announced that they were getting married during the tour of the show “The Ice Period.”

Strong feelings took over Marat two years ago and till now he is still head over heels in love with Navka.

The decision to get married did not come to Marat easily. He had to weight a lot of pros and cons. One of the conditions was introduced by his mother, that his next wife should be a Muslim. For the Christian Navka it will be a hard choice to make – love or religion.

Romance with Basharov became an integral part of her life. She got used that he was always near her – at shows, during their trips to the suburbs and in their rented apartment.

During their last tour the couple decided to formalize their relations.

Marat and Tatiana announced their intention to get married in the hotel after the show. They are not hiding their relations any more and want to become a family.

Asking Tatiana to marry him, Marat made a big decision in his life. He stepped on his love of freedom and hopes that he will be able to tame his 35 years old blonde bride, who is known for her unpredictability and love for variety in everything. At the time of this printing, she was considering his proposal. Maybe that is why men love her so much – she was always having the last word and made the men wait for her decision.

Navka was always popular with men. When she was 18, she was not only able to charm her coach Alexander Zhulin, but was able to break him away from two women – his wife and his mistress. The 30 years old skater lost himself in her bottomless eyes and for her he did the unthinkable – he divorced his wife, Maya Usova. The passionate love of Navka and Zhulin was a hot subject in the skating world. For Usova the situation was not new. She knew that Zhulin was in a relationship with 20 years old skater Oxana Grischuk. He did not divorce Usova, but lived with Grischuk without advertising this situation. Oxana trusted him until the last moment of their relationship. One day Maya, Usova called her at 3 am and told her that Zhulin was cheating on both of them with Navka. Usova described to Oxana all of the details of the relationship of Zhulin and Navka.

Grishcuk left Zhulin, who was now free to continue with Navka, who was assuring everyone that she did not want to break up Zhulin’s family and did not want to build her happiness on the misery of others. Nevertheless, Navka married Zhulin and they had a daughter, Sasha. It seemed that the couple was happy.

In August of 2006, the family came back to Moscow and the fatal meeting that broke two families took place.

Navka and Marat felt sympathetic toward each other from the very beginning. Soon Navka befriended Marat’s wife, Lisa. Madly in love with her actor husband, Lisa converted to the Muslim faith for him. She was sure that their marriage was solid. Zhulin was similarly sure of his family.

Unfortunately they both were wrong. Soon Tatiana and Marat stopped hiding their relationship from others.

It seems that for the second time in her life, Tatiana is going to build her happiness on the ruins of other families.


  • At June 15, 2009 8:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Navka is a slut and a witch. Born on april 13th. Nothing will ever stop her from doing evil things to other people. She is a nasty woman with a dirty mind and also so unattractive inside and outside.

  • At October 17, 2009 11:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    could be true....


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