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Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Piseev – Pluschenko has good chances to participate in Olympiad – 2010

Translation of an article printed in the Russian Language publication “Novosti” on February 24, 2009.

Mr. Valentin Piseev, the President of the Russian Figure Skating Federation, stated that Evgeny Pluschenko, who decided to return to big sports, has A perfect chance to become a member of the Russian National Team and to participate in the Olympic Games in Vancouver.

Says Mr. Piseev: “It IS very well that Mr. Pluschenko announced his decision to come back to big sports. I welcome and support his desire to return. I think that if he would start full time practicing, there will be no trouble for him to make the team. I was at his practice a couple of weeks ago and I saw that he was jumping triple jumps and was trying to jump quads. To get on to the National Team he has to train not from time to time, but all the time.”

In the opinion of the head of the Russian Figure Skating Federation, participation in ice shows by Mr. Pluschenko can not replace full time practice.

Says Piseev: “Exhibition shows are nice, but one has to be smart in how he would use them. They are fine up to a point. It would be better if instead of skating in shows he would practice twice a day. If he would be as enthusiastic in his practices as he is in the shows, he could come back to the highest level. At present, Evgeny is at least 10 pounds overweight. He knows about that problem and is planning to do something about it. The number of participants in the National Team will depend on our performance at the World Championship.”


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