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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Hot ice of Sikharulidze.

Translation of an article printed in the Russian language publication “Zhizn” on December 16, 2008.

For the first time after his official break up with his fiancée Nadezda, Anton Sikharulidze was seen in public with his new girlfriend.

The figure skater came to the presentation of a solo album by Anna Semenovich in the company of a gorgeous blonde. They stayed at the party just for 20 minutes. They came in the club through the back door and went directly to the VIP zone.

Anton and his girlfriend did not see anyone around them – they were completely absorbed by each other. Anton was talking only with her and was gently holding her hand. Their privacy was secured by two bodyguards. After paying their respects to the hostess, they left the same way they came - through the back door.

A few months ago Anton canceled the wedding to his then fiancée - 23 years old journalist Nadezda. The wedding was supposed to be on the 5th of July. The break up occurred after the finale of the show “The Ice Period.” Anton’s participation in the show was the sore point between Anton and Nadezda for quite some time.


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