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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Peter Chernishov and Anastasia Zavorotnjuk got married.

Translation of an article by Anton Stepanov printed in Russian Language publication “Zhizn” on October 14, 2008.

The church wedding service was performed in the temple of Resurrection of Christ which was built in the Byzantine style in the Ukrainian town of Foros in the Crimea region.

The couple came to the wedding directly from the European skating rinks. They met at the taping of the show “Dances on Ice” on the TV channel Russia and fell in love from first sight.

Peter Chernishov was born in St. Petersburg, but the last 16 years he lived in the US, received the US citizenship and skated in pair with the American figure skater Naomi Lang. For seven years he was married to another figure skater – Natalia Annenko, but when he left for the States, he divorced her.

The former wife of Peter told reporters that Peter was a great husband: - “They do not make husbands like that any more.” Natalia was telling the reporters that Peter was usually nice, kind and easy going; took good care of her and left her all of his assets when he left.


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