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Monday, September 15, 2008

A V. Z

Averbuch versus Zhulin.

Translation of an article by Ekaterina Preobrazhenskaya printed the a Russian language publication DailyShow.Ru on August 26, 2008.

The new season of the show "Ice Period" began. This year the cast of professional skaters will include the stars from last year – Alexey Yagudin, Tatiana Navka, Irina Lobacheva, Maxim Marinin, Tatiana Totmjanina, Maria Petrova and Anna Semenovich.

The new names include Ekaterina Gordeeva, Alexander Abt and Maxim Stavisky.

The show, as it was in the last year, will have two coaches – Ilja Averbuch and Alexander Zhulin. They will again compete against each other in their ability to develop in a short period of time theatrical numbers and dances on ice.

The head judge will be as always Tatiana Tarasova. The rest of jury is a secret even for the participants.


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