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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Fiancée returned to Anton Sikharulidze.

Translation of an article by Leila Muchamedzjanova printed in Russian language publication “Tvoy Den” on July 12, 2008.

Regardless of their recent quarrel, the lovers are discussing wedding plans again.

31 year old former figure skater Anton Sikharulidze resumed his relations with his former lover, whom he was supposed to marry a few moths ago.

Friends are happy that Anton and Nadia are back together again.

The wedding of one of the most interesting couples in Russian show business, a 23 year old journalist and a famous figure skater who is presently a politician, was scheduled for July 5, but a few moths before that date Anton announced that it was canceled. He said that they changed their minds about getting married.

However the decision was not final. Recently they restarted their two year old romance.

The break up occurred after the finale of the ice show – “Ice Period." Anton’s participation in the show became a hot topic for the lovers. Almost after every rehearsal Nadia accused Anton of infidelity. To calm her down, the skater asked her to marry him. For some time it worked, but then they quarreled again. We will see what will happen this time.


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