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Monday, July 28, 2008


Evgeny Pluschenko and Jana Rudkovsky – We will have our wedding in Petersburg.

Translation of an interview by Maria Remizova (MR) printed in Russian language publication Komsomolskaya Pravda on July 17, 2008.

This publication was the first to break the story about the romance of Evgeny Pluschenko (EP) and Jana Rudkovskaya (JR). The lovers did not want to advertise their relations while both were in divorce proceedings. Now they are free and gave us an interview while they were practicing in Estonia’s city of Tartu, where they are preparing for an ice show.

MR – Evgeny, is it true that you will skate with Jana in the Ice Show?

EP – Yes, we are already practicing. We do not want to tell yet which TV channel would carry the show. We are working very hard – practicing twice every day. Jana is trying very hard - we are even performing some lifts already.

JR – To participate in the show I need to weight no more that 105 pounds. At present, I weight about 111 pounds. My coach tells me that I have to drop the weight if I would be interested in serious lifts. Since my childhood I wanted to be a figure skater, but I was not practicing since I was 5 or 6 years old.

MR – Will you skate with Evgeny?

JR – It is not clear at this time. Since Evegny is going back to amateur sports, we may only perform in exhibition shows. But he will definitely participate in this project as a member of the jury or as an announcer. I hope that we will create two numbers with Evgeny. We have the music already, which was written by Edwin Martin especially for Evgeny who dedicated it to me.

MR- Does Evgeny criticize you on the ice?

JR – But of course. He is very tough. He was telling me that my hands were like crab claws and I did not skate, but looked like a marionette. I was terrified. Now I am taking private lessons and my coach thinks that I am making progress. But Evgeny watches the tapes of the practice and says that it is not professional. Although lately he sees some progress.

MR- Aren’t you concerned that if you would have another partner Evgeny would become jealous?

JR – I think that Evgeny is not the jealous type. Also, we went through so much with him that I am 100 percent sure that he would not be jealous. Even if he would have another partner I would not be jealous. But I think that he will be strict if he would end up in the jury. He would definitely not give me a high mark. It is his principled position.

MR- Will Dima Bilan participate in your project?

JR – He agreed to about 90 percent. He wants to support me.

EP – Dima likes to skate very much and he is not bad at it. He even jumps on the skates. Jana is very goal oriented – in life and in sports. She has a goal to win at this project. She practices with my choreographer David Maldesh and my coach Alexey Mishin.

MR – Evgeny, a lot of people are talking about your return to the big sports. Are you getting ready for the Olympics?

EP – I have already returned. I am practicing my new program. There are a lot of problems and complications. I have to drop some weight. My old traumas are bothering me a little bit. But on the whole, I am fine. The main thing is that I want to do it. I am jumping a steady triple Axel already. I started practicing combinations and other triple jumps. I tried a quad toe-loop as well. It is all good. The 2010 Olympics is my main goal, but first we have to live through 2009.

MR – Many people looked at you as a couple, but not many believed in your feelings.

EP – We are a couple for a year and a half, maybe more. Many people know that we are a couple and we are not hiding our feelings any more.

MR – Where are you planning to be married?

EP – It will be definitely in Petersburg.

JR – At this time we have to solve all of our problems with the children and then we will think of marriage.

MR – Do you want a big wedding?

EP – We will see. I think that we will have a grand wedding; we have a lot of friends. After the wedding we will go to the islands. We have friends who would let us stay for 2 weeks at a villa for free that is usually rented for 45 thousand Euros a day.

MR – Has the bride ordered the wedding dress yet?

JR – No, not yet.

MR – Jana, will you take the Pluschenko name?

JR – There was already one Mrs. Pluschenko. I will stay with my own name or make it a double.

MR – Did the parents meet the groom or it is still ahead of you?

JR – Of course I met Evgeny with my parents and they were pleased with him.

EP – My family is friends with Jana. My parents like her. They have good relations. I know Jana’s parents as well. Everything is fine.

MR – When your mother first saw Jana what did she say?

EP- My mother first saw Jana on TV. When she met her live, she said that Jana was a normal intelligent girl. Now she is taking care of the two of us. She is watching out not only for my successes, but also for Jana’s.

MR – Will you go on summer vacations together?

EP – I will not have any rest now. Maybe Jana will have some vacations. But I am not sure; she will have to live without it. She has to practice. I am leaving for Petersburg for a week. Maybe I will go fishing for a day or two. My father is making the boat and fishing gear ready. After a week in Petersburg I will go for 2 weeks to Germany for sports camp. I will take Jana with me.

MR – Currently you live in two places – Moscow and Petersburg. Where will you live after wedding?

EP – I think that we will continue to live in both places. I have a lot of friends and projects in Moscow. Petersburg is the city that I love most. That is why I would never leave it. Jana also likes Petersburg. Currently we are building two houses in the suburbs of Petersburg – one will be a second home and the other will be a summer home. We will see how it will work out. Jana will definitely be coming back to Moscow since her children are there. I support her in her fight for her children. She is trying to work out a deal with her former husband. We need to stop fighting. We do not want to take the kids away from him. I understand that I will never become a father to them since no one could replace the biological father. We have to resolve this conflict in some peaceful way.

JR – I hope to reach a peace agreement with the father of my children and make it so my parents will be able to visit with my beloved sons. I hope that in the future we may be friends with my former husband.

MR – You have similar problems with children. Did it bring you together?

JR – Definitely. Evgeny is very supportive of me.

EP – Certainly I have a similar problem. I have problems with my former wife regarding my visits with my son, specifically on his birthday. It is not logical, since he is my son as well as hers. I am ready to bring him up. But I can not do it when I do not have access to him. I am not going to stoop down to fight with them.


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