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Monday, July 14, 2008


Navka - I do not think that a husband’s infidelity is a reason to divorce!

Translation of an article by Natalia Shashina printed in Russian language publication on July 3, 2008

The famous figure skater is sure that no matter what, the family should be preserved.

The Olympic champion Tatiana Navka confessed that no matter what problems she may have with her famous husband - figure skating coach Alexander Zhulin, she will preserve her strong marital bonds with him.

The romances of both of them have bee the subject of lively discussions by their friends and acquaintances for quite some time. Many are puzzled why in this situation they are trying to preserve the family.

But the 33 years old figure skater, being a wise woman, feels that the family is the most important thing, no matter what. And no intrigues on the side can become the reason for divorce.

Tatiana fell in love with the very handsome sportsman Alexander Zhulin from the first glance. At that time he was a famous skater while Navka was just a beginner.

In essence, she took him away from his then wife Maja Usova and was able to build her happiness on the fragments of someone else’s.

Due to the help and support of Alexander, Tatiana became an Olympic Champion. Nevertheless she probably became a wife and mother too early. Her last romance with Marat Basharov, her partner at the ice show “The Ice Period”, is still agitating the minds of millions of her admirers.

And not that long ago Alexander Zhulin was seen going out to parties with his young pupil Natalia Mikhailova.

Neither of these events was able to break up the strong marital bonds of Navka and Zhulin. “There will be no divorce!” – states Navka.

It appears that the starry couple has a very progressive point of view regarding marriage. In any event, Tatiana feels that a woman has to do whatever it takes to save the family. And the most important feature for this is to be able to forgive.

One has to try to transfer any situation into humor, to be able to forgive, to tolerate, to be patient and for sure to understand the other person. One has to side with the other person, with his position, as to figure out why he was acting in a particular way.

Divorce is the final resort, especially if there are kids in the family, feels this “ice princess”.

In any event – the woman is the preserver of the hearth and home, states Navka. There are probably some things that are unforgivable, but women should be wise. Everything depends on the situation. "But I do not think that a husband’s infidelity is a reason for divorce!"


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