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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


A break up over a romance with an American figure skater.

Translation of an excerpt from an article by Olga Korenko, Tatiana Arestova and Nadezhda Bushueva printed in the Russian language publication “” on May 6, 2008.

Russian TV star actress Anastasia Zavorotnuk broke up with her TV acting partner and fiancé Zhigunov over her romance with a figure skater whom she met at an ice show.

The press found out that the reason for the break up was jealousy. The most romantic couple on Russian TV broke up because of a fatal competitor. Anastasia became very friendly with five times US national Champion in ice dancing, Peter Tchernyshev. She met Peter at the ice show “Dances on Ice, the Velvet Season” where she acted as an anchorwoman.

Peter told the press that he agreed to participate in the Russian ice show because he wanted to get closer to the Russian stars and to creative people. And really, Peter who for the last 16 years lived and worked in the USA, was meeting a lot of Russian stars, especially women. Anastasia Zavorotnuk made the most impression on Peter.

37 years old Tchernyshev was able to charm the beautiful actress during the tour of the ice show. No one could see it coming since most of the people were watching his relationship with his dancing partner, a vocalist from the group “Shining”, Julia Kovalchuk. Incidentally, that relationship was only a PR trick. Julia had a boyfriend of many years, a businessman named Sergey and was not going to break up with him.

Peter’s relationship with Anastasia was much more serious, but Peter was not making any statements or comments. He was not ready to talk to the press and suggested that in time he will tell his story.


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