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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Obertas likes the ice shows.

Translation of an article by Elena Kuznetsova printed in the Russian language publication “Sport” on May 1, 2008.

The silver medalists of the European Championship of 2005 in pair’s figure skating, Julia Obertas and Sergey Slavnov of St. Petersburg, this season fell out of sight of their fans. Where are they now? Will they come back to amateur sport?

Last summer everything seemed to be fine. The pair was practicing in the usual schedule and, according to their coach Ludmila Velikova, they did not have problems with the jumps which Julia had troubles with for a long time at competitions. Just before the beginning of the season, Julia had a trauma and the skaters were advised to take a pause in their skating.

The National, European and World Championships passed without this pair. They participated in the show of Evgeny Plushchenko and gossip started that they had decided to concentrate on exhibition shows and were not planning to come back to amateur sports.

The author of this article asked their coach, Ms. Velikova, if that was true.

Velikova replied: “I myself am not sure how to answer that question. A few days ago I talked to Sergey and he did not have any concrete information. He would like to compete in the competitions, while Julia likes to skate in the shows. If I was them, I would come back. Julia could overcome the psychological barrier about her jumps only by working on them. I think that if she would really want it, she would master the jumps. Everything depends on her. I often tell her that, but she is indecisive. I think that if they would decide to come back, they would have good chances for medals. During the breaks in the show schedule, they come to my rink and skate very well. They should consider it a disgrace what is going on now in pair’s skating. Everybody has problems with their jumps. Sportspeople are chasing the complex moves and are trying to perform two triple jumps in a row. They are “burned out” at that. Julia and Sergey have in their repertoire a very complex quadruple turn, and if they would perform at least one jump and a throw, they could be competitive with the world’s leaders.”


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