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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Evgeny Plushchenko – Schedule of return.

Translation of an article printed in the Russian Language publication on April 24, 2008

The first competition after the return to big sports of Olympic Champion and many time World Champion Evgeny Pluschenko will most probably be at the Cup of Russian segment of the Grand Prix, in Moscow in November of 08.

Says Plushchenko: Currently I have a very busy life, but it does not interfere with my active practicing and only makes my desire to come back to big figure skating stronger. How can I do it? It is really not difficult. The short program and parts of the free program I perform in my exhibition tours. A few days ago, I came back from Japan, prior to that I was in the Czech Republic. I do not see any problems in participating in the May competition called “Evrovidenie” where I will perform with my friend violinist Edvin Marten in the number of Dima Bilan. I will go to Beograd with my personal coach Mr. Alexander Mishin and we will continue our practice there. The schedule for my summer training includes trips to Italy, Spain and Estonia. Currently, with my coach I am learning new combinations of jumps and counting the points, all for real. If someone doubts my return, they will be convinced soon.

I am sure that I will participate in the Championship of Russia next January, where I need to be selected to go to the European and World Championships. To be “selected” sounds very unusual to me. And of course I am thinking of participating in the Moscow tournament of the Grand Prix this November. So far these are just plans, but what can be better than to come back in front of my native and beloved public? When I was in Japan I was invited to their segment of the Grand Prix – NHK Trophy. I refused the invitation – it is too far to travel. Most probably I will return in front of our spectators – either at the Cup of Russia in November or at the Nationals in January.


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