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Friday, May 02, 2008


Figure skater Evgeny Pluschenko was denied entry to Croatia.

Translation of an article by Roman Grigoriev, printed in the Russian Language publication on April 21, 2008

The MTV channel is working on a reality show – “Live with Pluschenko." The leading personality of the unique show will be the Olympic Champion Evgeny Pluschenko himself. For the first time, spectators will learn everything about the life of a famous figure skater. (Ed. Note: A concept I explored in the book, Death Drop.)

“Live with Pluschenko” is a continuation of a series of reality show projects with famous people where the TV crew is traveling with the stars all over the world. The heroes are telling themselves of all of the events of their lives on the tours.

In the first segment of the show the group goes to Japan, where Plushenko is literally followed by his fans. The spectators will see the fragments of the show on ice in Japan and even some scenes from a real Japanese steam room.

But if in Japan Plushchenko is adored, he was not able to enter Croatia at all. He was stopped at the border as he did not have an entrance visa, a condition that was introduced by the Croats recently for Russian nationals. The Border guard would not give in to Evgeny’s fame and would not let him in the country.

Another “situation” occurred at the famous resort in St. Moritz. A few minutes before the show, Evgeny remembered that he forgot his costume at the hotel. Evgeny found the solution by doing his number in the pants that he used for practice and the spectators, who paid several thousand Euros for the tickets, appreciated his resourcefulness and were very supportive of him.

In Italy, Evgeny decided to make pizza by himself for the first time. He decided to surprise his friend, the violinist Edvin Marton, and during dinner at a restaurant, he went to the kitchen. Unfortunately, the cook did not speak English and Evgeny did not speak Italian. The result of his efforts was a nice looking but inedible pizza that was appreciated only by the dog of the owner of the restaurant.


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