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Monday, April 14, 2008


Oleg Vasiliev: Pluschenko will never come back!

Translation of an article by Sergey Latinin printed in the Russian language publication Express Gazeta on April 1, 2008.

After the completion of the World Championship in Geteborg, discussion centered on whether the famous Russian figure skater Evgeny Pluschenko would come back onto the ice. In the opinion of many experts, the new World Champion, Canadian Jeffrey Buttle, and the French skater Brian Joubert, showed the highest level of figure skating, and that Pluschenko, who has not skated for two years and lost his form, would not be able to compete with them.

Evgeny himself is very optimistic. He said that he has won competitions against both Joubert and Buttle and he does not have any inferiority complex toward them. He did not change his mind about coming back. He also said that he met with the management of the Russian Figure Skating Federation and made arrangements that the Federation will pay for his practices, for his costumes and other things. He will not ask for any direct payments from the Federation to him for his return.

In regards to the operation on his meniscus, which was performed last year in Germany, it went well. The athlete is only concerned that he started to put the load on his leg too early and as a result he had some problems. That was why he lost this season.

But not all believe that Evgeny is sincerely planning to come back. The famous coach Oleg Vasiliev, whose students Tatiana Totmjanina and Maxim Marinin initially also announced that they were coming back to amateur sports but later changed their minds, was frank and said that he thought that Pluschenko would not come back to amateur sport.

According to Vasilliev, all of Plushenko's statements that he was coming back were just pure PR. After the Turin Olympics Evgeny tasted "la dolce vita” – parties, restaurants, presentations… He is used now to commercial shows, while in sports one has to work hard.

Incidentally, Evgeny did not behave right. He quarreled not only with Averbuch, but with other producers. As a result, his show – “The Golden Ice of Stradivarius” was not very successful and many people in show business turned away from him.

Vassiliev believes that at the beginning of the next season there will be the same song, Plushenko will say that he is ready to start practicing, but something will interfere. Oleg Vasiliev thinks that the other ex-world Champion – Alexey Yagudin will not become again an amateur as well.


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