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Monday, March 24, 2008


Phantom of Pluschenko hovers over Europe.

Translation of an article by Yaroslav Korbatov (YK) printed on March 22 in the Russian Language publication Komsomolskaja Pravda.

Today is the last day at the World championship where the men are competing for the last set of medals. Russia is represented by the young Sergey Voronov and today he has to answer the question if he could become the heir of the great Pluschenko.

Incidentally, the shadow of Pluschenko, who announced that he was coming back to big sports, was hovering inside the walls of the “Scandinavium” and finally it materialized in the figure of Pluschenko’s agent Mr. Ari Zakharjan (AZ). We met during a break in the women’s free program, where Mr. Zakharjan explained his appearance at the World’s Championship as a scout for Mr. Pluschenko.

AZ - From behind the scenes, we need to learn the new order of power in figure skating, who we could expect to be the competition and prepare the ground for Evgeny’s return.

YK - So his return is not just gossip any more?

AZ - Of course not, it is a done deal. That is why I came here. Evgeny could not come since he is getting ready for a show in Eastern Europe. On March 27, he is performing in Kiev and then he is going to Prague. They are so exited there. All tickets to his performance were sold out within 24 hours.

YK - Does his leg bother him after the operation?

AZ – There were some complications. We thought a lot about a second operation in Germany, but in the end rejected that idea. We will come back to fighting form gradually. See what happened to Maxim Shabalin. In January, he had an operation on his meniscus and he immediately went to the European Championship. He won the gold but then the complications started. As a result he not only his participation in the World Championship, but there is a risk that he may drop out of sports altogether. His story taught us a good lesson.

YK – How will Evgeny get back his old form?

AZ – Currently he is completing his show tour – “The Golden Ice of Stradivarius” and beginning in July he will start serious practice. As soon as the program for the new season will be ready, we will show it to the public as to see how it will be accepted. Of course we will show it to the specialist, then we will do our homework to correct the mistakes and then we will start participating in the different stages of the Grand Prix.


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