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Thursday, February 28, 2008


Anna Semenovich dreams of winning gold at Vancouver Olympics

Translation of an article by Alena Snezhinsky printed in the Russian language publication on February 1, 2008.

Anna Semenovich went on vacations in a hurry. It seems that she started her preparation for the upcoming Olympics. She is currently restoring her forms after her work as a singer; she is swimming, tanning and not forgetting to practice on the ice.

Anna wants to follow her long standing dream, which she was aiming for most of her life - to win a gold medal in figure skating at the upcoming Vancouver Olympics.

She is so devoted to her skating that her dog is also practicing with her on ice. When she was in Italy, her fans promised to outfit her dog, Marcy, with her own skates. Anna thought that it was a joke and was very surprised when the next day a shoemaker came to her to take measurements of the dog’s paws as to make the boots for her.

Anna says: “I am seriously aiming at the gold at the Olympics. There is some information that I can not participate in the Olympics for various reasons. But these days everything is possible. The main thing is to want to win. Despite all of the gossips I am in a very good sports form which I want to demonstrate to my admirers on March 8th (international woman’s day). I am preparing a surprise for that day. It is possible that on that day we will all go to the skating rink. A star of the show – “Star Story” will participate in our program.”

Editor's Note: Riiiiiight.


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