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Monday, January 14, 2008


Chris was so incredibly charismatic and funny. We trained together everyday for about five years. Three of those years were at Pickwick Ice Arena in Burbank, Ca. The other two were in Lake Arrowhead, Ca. I have many fond memories of Chris. He was an inspiration to me for the fact that he could turn on a crowd (any crowd) in a matter of seconds. He was always the center of attention in any situation.

I moved to LA when I was 17 and I lived by myself in an apartment in Hollywood. I was a very driven and hardworking young man. I was also very shy. Chis had the charisma and showmanship that I always wanted. I studied him like a hawk.
Chris, Patrick Brault and myself were all the same age and we all trained together. We were like the three stooges. I was the 'good' boy. Chris was the rebel and Patrick was in the middle. I needed a little more rebel in me so Chris was the perfect balance. We would all sit together at the rink. Chris would always be getting in trouble for something and that made the training days always colorful and interesting.

I remember that he would not like to train. He was a natural talent and I think he was able to do anything Frank asked him to do. He thrived on doing things that nobody thought he could do. Including his daily program run-thrus. He would goof around all morning, but then Frank would make him do his program and he would do it perfectly almost every time. I don't know how he did that.

He was so quick with his humor. Often times I would not figure out he was pulling a prank on me for hours or even days. Chris would come over to my apartment with our friend Patrick Brault. He would order Pizza delivery and then never be around to pay for it when it arrived so Patrick or I would have to pay for it. Sneaky boy.

Chris was always entertaining. Either in a good way or a bad way. He was full of life and had a huge aura around him. He was a star.

I was driving Chris around one night and we were behind a car that was going really slow. Chris yelled out, "snake 'em dude"! Not knowing what that meant, I put on my blinker and politely went around the car. We laughed about that for years. He's probably still laughing about it.

I will miss him but will always think fondly of him.

* * *

Craig Heath
is the 1998 World Professional Bronze Medalist. He is currently performing and teaching in Hong Kong.


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