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Friday, December 28, 2007


Marat Basharov: I am jealous for Navka more than I am jealous for my own wife.

Translation of an article by Elena Neskina, a correspondent of Russian Language publication “Tvoy Den”, printed on December 18, 2007.

The actor is burning with jealousy when he sees Navka near her new partner Ville Haapasalo.

An actor and an announcer of the TV show, "Ice Age," Marat Basharov confessed that he could not calmly watch how the relationship of Tatiana Navka and her partner on ice at the show was developing. He could hardly restrain himself with the rage of jealousy.

Unusually for coworkers, warm relations between Basharov and Navka became the topic of conversation at various parties of Russian elite. Although the stars themselves always denied everything.

At a recent tour in Ekaterinesbourg, Marat revealed that when the TV show "Stars on Ice" ended he was extremely sad. To be close to the skaters he convinced Ilja Averbuch to make him an announcer and initially he was happy with his role. Later the emotions on ice became very hot and Marat felt uncomfortable again. No one could even guess how tormented Basharov was on ice. The source of his suffering is his former partner at the show – Tatiana Navka.

Marat said: “I was never a jealous person; even with my wife I was never jealous; which caused her to be very upset with me since she said that if I was not jealous of her, I did not love her. But when Tatiana became a partner with Ville, for the first time in my life I felt jealousy. Any time I see her with Ville I got enraged with jealousy. I can not fight my feelings, and besides, how could one fight them?”

Basharov told Navka about his feelings a year ago in the city of Ekaterinesbourg. He said then: ”Tatiana is a wonderful person. I love her. She combines in herself the best qualities that a woman can have: she is understanding, smart, cheerful, tough and the most important thing – she is very beautiful. If I could not do some move on ice, we would practiced with her even at night. Those days I told my wife that I was going to practice with Navka and would stay there overnight.”


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