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Thursday, December 06, 2007


Alexey Yagudin: Return to big sport is not possible.

Translation of an article printed on December 5, 2007 in the Russian language newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets.

The famous figure skater succumbed to his traumas.

At the presentation of his autobiographical book, the Olympic champion of Salt Lake city in figure skating, Alexey Yagudin, announced that he was not planning to come back to amateur sports and definitely was not going to participate in the winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.

He said: “My operation of the hip joint was performed with the objective of restoring my health as I would be able to get back to amateur sports. I wanted to come back very much! I already compiled the music for my program. But my body did not cooperate. I had to see the doctors more often. During my tour in Germany a few weeks ago, I was carried away from the ice and I could not complete my performance. That is the reason why I officially declare that my return to amateur sports is not possible.”

Yagudin also stated that he was not going to become a coach since it was too high of a responsibility and he was not ready for it.


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