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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Marina Anisina is getting married.

Translation of article by Sonya Ray a correspondent of the Russian language publication with Marina Anisina printed on November 14,2007.

Olympic champion in ice dancing Marina Anisina has decided to come back to Russia. All of her adult sports career she spent skating for France, where she moved in her youth when she could not find a partner in Russia.

She was skating for France with Gwendal Peizerat, and many fans of the duet wanted them to get married. But Marina always claimed that there was nothing going on between them. She said that she would not mix work and personal relations and that he was not her type.

But it seems that she met her fiancée at work after all. It was not in France, but in Russia while she was working on the project “Ice Dancing: The Velvet Season." Its organizers found for her an extravagant partner – actor Nikita Dzigurda.

When organizers of the show called him and asked if he could skate, he answered that he could skate like God. He said that he always answers that way whatever the subject – he could swim like God, ride horses like God, even if he never sat on the horse.

But he was intrigued to join the show when he was told that he would skate with a unique woman. The actor states that he fell in love with Marina at first sight, while she was more reserved and refused to get involved with him. He wrote her poems and sang songs to her. Everything came to a head on her birthday, August 30, when he presented her with an engagement ring. They decided not to tell anyone, but when he was asked if it was true, he confirmed the story and was accused of breaking the agreement not to tell.

In general, he is talking about the engagement a lot, while she is not. She is somewhat afraid of such openness. Although not long ago she overcame her natural shyness and released a book called “The Dotted I’s." She was very open in her book and she was not concerned about that. She told us that she wanted to make sure that everything was in the open and the past was left behind. She wanted to reveal all of her secrets as they would not be secrets any more.

The idea of writing a book came to her when she decided to go back to Russia. She was not really known in Russia and she decided to open up. She said that even though France gave her a lot, adopted her and allowed her to do the work that she loved, she did not feel herself French, she always felt herself Russian and wanted to go back to Russia.

If the news about the engagement is true, then her return is not far away. She did not describe her relations with Nikita in her book, but he claims that it was not her fault. Initially his chapter of the book was much bigger, it contained his poems and songs, but Marina’s agent cut all of that out and refused to explain why she did it. Marina confirmed that story, but did not seem to be upset with it.

Marina’s father, famous hockey player Viacheslav Anisin, suggested that she wanted to leave her past in the past and to start a new period in her life and he only wished her happiness. He also said that he did not have an opinion of her choice and that she was old enough to make a decision about whom to marry.

Only time will tell what will come out of this union of a composed figure skater and a free spirited musician.


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