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Monday, November 19, 2007


Ice Divorce.
Zhulin and Navka denying news about their divorce.

Translation of an article by Irina Bobrova printed on November 16 in the Russian language newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets.

It seems that the popular ice show with the stars became not just a spectacle, but a place of heightened interest of the public. There was not this much talk about the famous figure skaters at the time of their Olympic triumphs.

It has been announced that Nikita Dzigurda is marrying Marina Anisina; Anna Semeniovich dates Alexey Makarov; Alexey Yagudin proposed to Victoria Daineko; even Anton Sikhuralidze was trying to break up the family of Anastasia Volchkova. The latest news announced by one of the capital newspapers was that the beautiful Tatiana Navka was divorcing Alex Zhulin and was leaving him for Marat Basharov.

When asked if it was true, Tatiana Navka said that it seemed that the gossipers finally got to them. She said that earlier, when she read such materials about their colleagues, she thought that she would not judge the journalists since they had to make a living. Now she understands that it did not bother her because it did not concern her family.

Her husband, Alex Zhulin, told this reporter that he learned about his divorce last Wednesday, when his father called him and asked him if it was true that he was divorcing Tatiana. Alex felt really bad. At that time he was in the sauna with his wife. His mother took the news very badly and had problems with her heart.

"The people who are writing these things are not good people, they should be jailed," said Alex. He also added that they were all upset, that their phone was ringing off the hook with all of the friends calling and asking what was going on. He had to deny the story hundreds of times, stating that it was not true and that they lived together and slept in one bed.

The wife of Marat Basharov reacted to the news philosophically – she said that Marat and she were not paying any attention to this kind of news for a long time. In this situation it was a pity for the parents and grandparents who were not used to this kind of journalism. She added that they were good friends with the family of Zhulin and Navka and that they were considering filing a law suit against the publication that announced their divorce.

When asked if it was a PR move, she replied that they did not need any PR, but some stars want to gain attention exactly this way.

That is the price of popularity. It is not likely that the gossips of stars divorces would calm down soon. Probably it will be different names next time.


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