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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


The famous skater came out on ice for the first time after an operation.

Translation of an article by Nikita Lisovoy printed in a Russian Language newspaper Komsomolskaja Pravda on October 26, 2007.

A few days ago, Evgeny Pluschenko visited Turin – the Olympic capital of 2006. Here he received the Golden Skate Award, which is presented to sportspeople who contributed a great deal to the development of figure skating. And there he, for the first time, came out on the ice in front of spectators.

Pluschenko stated that he performs almost every year in Turin and he was always met by ovations. This time the spectators even stomped their feet, which is a rare occasion. The atmosphere was just great, and the award was very nice.

Evgeny skated two programs in Turin – the first one was called “In Memory of Karuso” and was dedicated to the recently deceased Luchano Pavarotti. The second one will most probably become his short program for the upcoming official competitions.

After the official ceremony many skaters came up to Evgeny and asked him directly why he wanted to come back on the ice.

According to his agent, Ari Zakharjan, they said that he had won already everything and now they should have a chance to win.

Three months ago, Pluschenko had an operation on his knee in Germany. Rehabilitation was prolonged and not smooth. But now everything is behind him. He is in good health and could come out on the ice in Turin.

These days, Evgeny lives in St. Petersburg. He is practicing with his coach, Alexey Mishin, and participates in sessions of the Legislative Counsel.

In Turin, Evgeny met the famous Italian mountain skier, Olympic Champion Alberto Tomba. The Italian promised to come over to Russia soon. He wants to check out Sochi and to ski there with Pluschenko. Mr. Tomba was an official representative of the Korean city of Phenchan, which together with Sochi was competing for the 2014 Olympics. And now he wants to see the city that will host the Olympics.


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