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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Fire and Ice - Averbukh and Zjulin

Translation of an interview with Averbukh and Zjulin published in a Russian Language Internet Publication “Sem40.Ru” (S40) on September 4, 2007

Two coaches of the new show “Ice Age” Ilya Averbukh (IA) and Alexander Zjulin (AZ) are very different - like fire and water, poems and prose, but they are united by the ice.

S40 – What is the most difficult part of coaching the participants in the “Ice Age” show?

AZ – To combine coaching of my pupils in the big sports and the stars on ice. I work with my pupils 5 hours a day and the rest of the day, including nights, I work with the stars. It is a very tight schedule, but I hope that the quality of my work does not suffer.

IA – There are a lot of difficulties. It is a new format – now there are two coaches. Also, the current stars participating in the project want to be better than the ones that participated in the previous one.

S40 – How much time do you spend on working with each pair?

AZ – If the pair is promising I work with them 45 minutes or an hour. Sometimes more. Recently I was working on a number for Victoria Daineco and Alexey Yagudin and it turned out that Victoria, a soloist with the group “Fabrika”, had to go on tour and we had to work till 3 am as to complete the number.

IA – Each pair takes about 2 hours. It could be more, depending on if we are just choreographing a new one, or rehearsing an existing dance.

S40 – Do you have any talismans when you go on ice?

AZ – When I coached Navka and Kostomarov, I was always holding their jackets when they went on the ice. They would put them on the border, but I would always take them in my hands. But lately I believe in talismans less and less. When I would see a church I would cross myself, but it is different.

IA – Not lately. Before I always wanted to put my skate guards next to each other, or give it my coach tohold. Now I do not believe in that because I am not skating myself any more. I produce the show, it is my baby and there are a lot of superstitions related to it, but I decided to be stronger than them.

S40 – Do you follow a special diet to stay in form?

AZ- I eat breakfasts and like to have a nice dinner. If I take on some extra pounds, I limit myself in sweets – eat smaller portions.

IA – Unfortunately not, usually I eat two times a day - I like breakfasts and good dinners.

S40 – How do you relax in your free time?

AZ – I like soccer, tennis, horseback riding or swimming with the family. Unfortunately for the next 2-4 months I will have to forget about these things and about my child. I will just remember my wife, since I am her coach as well.

IA – I also like soccer and tennis. I like to travel and discover new places. We walk in the park with my family, but at present time I would like to sleep more.

S40 – What do you do when people recognize you in the streets?

AZ – In general it is nice, but sometimes when I would sit and eat, someone would come over and would say that they recognized me and would like to take a picture with me, that bothers me. Once three guys came over to me, asked for an autograph and when they were leaving they thanked me and called me Roman – they mixed me up with Roman Kostomarov.

IA – As a rule I never refuse the autograph or a picture. Usually men would come over, would shake my hand and would tell me that I was good. Women usually take a picture and ask for an autograph. If people would behave badly, I just walk away.

S40 – What feature dominates your character?

AZ – Probably it is my sense of humor. But lately I am not smiling, more grumbling. I looked at many things positively before, but now it seems that I accumulated more problems. Also, I am a very responsible person and I take everything too close to heart. I would like to change it, but it seems that I took it after my mother and will not be able to change myself.

IA – Patience.

S40 – What are your main virtue and shortcoming?

AZ - Virtue – persistence in achieving my goals, love and loyalty to people. If I like a person I give all of myself, if not, than I would stay away. My shortcomings – irritability and short-temperedness. But I try to control myself.

IA – I think that my main virtue is goal orientation. My shortcoming – I want to have everything at once. If I do not get it, I may lose interest.

S40 – What kind of a child were you?

AZ –Reasonable, calm, inventive. I listened to my parents, but acted as I felt to be right.

IA – Bullying, temperamental, could not stay in one place. I was skipping classes and would not tell my parents about problems in school.

S40 – What kind of a student were you?

AZ – Up to 4th grade I was an all “A” student. When I started sports I liked only PE and history. I graduated with average marks.

IA – Up till 6th grade I was a solid “B” student. After that I was just hanging in there in school as to graduate. By the end of school I was already a Junior Champion and I got good grades just for that, not for my knowledge.

S40- Do you have a lot of friends?

AZ – Not too many close friends – 2-3 people.

IA – Not too many close friends – 2-3 people.

S40 – How would you like to meet your golden years?

AZ – Being young at heart.

IA – With high energy charged life.


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