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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Figure skaters are learning to skate again.

Translation of the Interview by a correspondent of the Russian Language Internet publication “Dni.Ru” Sonja Ray of the Bronze World Champion, ten times Champion of Israel Sergey Sakhnovsky, posted on September 12, 2007

Project “Ice Age” is a very difficult project to work on not only for the newcomers, but even for the famous skaters. They are responsible for both partners at all times. And that is why the champions are getting nervous not less, but even more than their ice partners. Sergey is skating in the show with a singing soloist of the group “Fabrika,” Alexandra Savelieva.

Sergey told us: “When I first saw the project, I was still involved with sports and did not pay much attention to it because I could not participate in it. But I was interested in it. It is not just fun, but it is hard work as well. It is very difficult to work with the neophytes. They do not know anything about skating. We have to explain to them the moves that we are performing automatically. It is not that simple. The skater knows how to come out of a lift or a spin, but all of it has to be explained to the newcomer. We have to physically hold them tight because they are very uncertain of the moves”.

Sergey, who used to skated for Israel with Galit Chait, feels that the work of a skating female partner in this project is much more difficult than the work of the male partner.

“If males are used to supporting their partners in the regular figure skating pairs, then in this project the female professional skater has to support and sometimes physically hold the male non-skating partner. It must be very difficult for the female skater. Because of these difficulties the project is not a piece of cake even for experienced skaters. One could see us being very nervous, falling down and in general being not very comfortable in the pairs with non skaters. You never know what your partner would do the next minute and it makes it difficult to perform”.


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