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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


From Naomi Syken, mother of Jenna Syken, now skating for Israel, comes this update on Oleg and Debbie:

(They) are very happily married for a long time. My husband's veterinary practice (PENNELL VETERINARY CLINIC) is up the block from Iceworks in Aston, Pa. My husband knew Debbie and Oleg long before Jenna was coached by Oleg, because Debbie used to bring her cat to my husband. Then when they got married they still brought "their" cat to my husband.

I think it was 4 years ago when they did the show at Iceworks and Debbie announced showtime she was pregnant.

They have 2 absolutely beautiful children. They are so well mannered, happy, smart, and behaved, not at all like what you usually see these days.

Oleg is a fantastic father as is Debbie the same as a mom. Debbie was teaching up until like the month of her giving birth with the first one and the second. Debbie brought them to the rink and as Debbie would teach, we had to pry each one out of Oleg's arms so he could go and teach.

Oleg was always in love with Debbie from when they first skated together. They are so in love and such a great couple and family.

They are at Iceworks in Aston, Pa. and Debbie also has her Real Estate license and they live in Downington now, I think. They used to live in West Chester, but sold that house and built a new one.

This is where I think the story goes and they lived happily ever after.

Thank you, Naomi!

And if any other readers have updates on their favorite skaters, please feel free to post in the Comments or send them on in!


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