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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Oleg Ovsannikov came back from the USA and became a chief coach of the Russian National Synchronized Skating Team.

Article in Russian language Internet publication published on May 30, 2007


The president of the Russian Figure Skating Federation, Mr. Valentin Piseev, announced that the famous Russian figure skater, 37 year old Oleg Ovsannikv, who in pair with Angelica Krilova won European and World Championships and became a silver medallist of the 1998 Olympics in dances on ice, returned from the States and became the chief coach of the Russian national Synchronized Skating team.

Russian fans remember Mr. Ovsannikov very well. In pair with Angelica he was twice the Champion of Russia (1998, 1999); five times European medallist (1995 - bronze, 1996- 1998 - silver, 1999- gold); four time World medallist (1996 and 1997 - silver, 1998 and 1999 - gold); silver medallist of Grand Prix competitions in 1996 and 1997 and gold medallist in 1999; silver medallist at the Olympics at Nagano. After completing his amateur career in 2000 due to the trauma of his partner, he became a professional skater and went on to participate in shows on ice in the USA and then became a coach.

At this time he decided to come back to Russia to support the figure skating sport there. The Russian Federation is interested in such people as Oleg - experienced, but still young. He was appointed chief coach of synchronized skating - a spectacular sport that is gaining more popularity in the world. Russia can not boast of a real success in this field. Up till now there was no National Team and Russia was represented at the international competitions and even at the World Championships by representatives of different clubs.

Also, Ovsannikov will consult with various ice dancers due to his vast experience in this sport.


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