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Tuesday, May 01, 2007



The actress is not angry either with her first husband, nor with the lover who dumped her.

Interview by Inessa Lunsky (IL) printed on March 2, 2007 in the Russian language publication Express Gazeta.

Introduction: "Former figure skater and now a famous actress Maria Anikanova (MA) is currently working in THE theater. She performed in many movies and in popular TV serials - " Two destines-2"; "Hunt for a genius"; "Everything was mixed up at home." One of her last parts was role of Kitty in "Anna Karenina."

IL - Maria, don’t you really want to be a star on ice? Did they invite you to participate in the "Dance with the Stars" show?

MA - They considered me, but I did not fit in any of the show categories. Once Natalia Bestemjanova asked me if I envied her. I honestly replied that I did not, and even if they would offer me a role at the show, I would refuse it. Nevertheless I was often at TV Channel Russia where the show was running and I saw all of my friends there. Oxana Grischuk was skating with Peter Krasilov, there were Masha Butirskaja and my former husband Evgeny Platov.

IL - Who were you rooting for, or did you know a priory that Grischuk and Krasilov would win?

MA - Nothing was clear at the beginning. Peter was skating about 15 years ago. And I was worried for Evgeny the same way as when he was winning the Olympics.

IL - Why did you leave figure skating?

MA - I did not pick the sport for myself. My mother was a figure skater and she signed me up. My dad was a sports doctor, my grandma and grandpa from my dad's side were famous speed skaters - Anikanovs, and my mother's father was a wrestler. I was not good at the jumps, so I could not skate solo, and they put me to ice dancing when I was 9 years old. I studied in the groups of famous coaches - Dubova and Tarasova. My partners were not well known, except for Samvel Gazarian, who also danced with Tatiana Navka. Later Tatiana skated with Evgeny Platov, my former husband. During my years as a skater, I did not see anything outside the rink. I wanted to expand my view. Also, I realized that I did not have a great future as a figure skater and decided to become an actress. I joined Schukin's Theater School on the first attempt. And then, in 1991, I played a role in my first movie- "A house under starry skies". After I graduated, I was invited to join the "Sovremennik" Theater. So, my career took off, but it happened that my husband got a job in America and I had to choose between him and my work. And of course I selected my family.

IL - How did you meet your first husband, the famous figure skater Evgeny Platov?

MA - He became my first love and my first man. I was in love with him since I was 14, but a serious romance between us started when I was 19. He called me from the States and proposed. We had a very nice wedding - I was in white. I have beautiful memories.

IL - Why didn't you try to skate with your husband?

MA - Because good pairs happen when the partners have equal talents, but my level of skating was much lower than that of Oxana Grischuk, then my husband's partner.

IL - Oxana Grishuk was telling everyone that Evgeny loved her very much.

MA - I doubt it very much. Oxana was exaggerating, she just wanted to think that way.

IL - I heard that Oxana had a very difficult character, but if it was not for her there would be no Grischuk - Platov pair.

MA - Oxana is extremely talented and all talented people have difficult characters. But she had a great charisma and her own understanding of the music. She was born to become a figure skater. Yes, if there was no Oxana Grischuk, there would be no Evgeny Platov. But also, if there was no Evgeny Platov, there would be no Oxana Grischuk.

IL - In an interview Oxana was telling that Tarasova had stolen from her.

MA - I do not think that she meant "stolen." When a person puts a maximum of her talent and efforts to make you a champion, it is my belief that you have to pay that person. You should be happy that such a person is coaching you and you should be happy and there should be no quarrels.

IL - Do you see Platov these days?

MA - Yes, of course. After the show "Dances on Ice" we went to a restaurant, honestly talked and remembered the past. We remain friends and we do not have grievances against each other.

IL - Many people envied your romance with another famous figure skater - Ilja Kulik.

MA - We met at the jubilee of Tarasova's husband. Ilja conquered me at once. He was so smart and talented that I could not help it but to fall in love with him.

IL- Do you still have a friendly relation?

MA - No, we do not communicate. When we were together, Ilja won Olympics and he was on the top of his fame. I was very happy with him.

IL - Now he is married to the legendary Ekaterina Gordeeva. Did he leave you because of her?

MA - I approve of his choice and his decision to marry Ekaterina. Our marriage would not work. To be with him I would have to drop everything and leave Russia, but at that time I could not live without my acting profession. I have to confess that at some point in my life I was considering to change my life and to have a baby. But it happened that our relations exhausted themselves, he was infatuated by Ekaterina and our love story ended.

IL - What was the most romantic gift that you received from a man?

MA - It was funny but it was related to Ilja. We had recently met, had a few dates and then I have not heard from him for a month. And then all of a sudden he calls and asks me to go with him to Hawaii. It was very hard, but I will never forget that trip.

IL - Are you married?

MA - Yes, I am. My husband is also an actor, we both work in the theater for youth. He is extremely kind and he loves me very much.

IL - How did you meet your husband?

MA - I went to a performance at Maly Theater and after the show a young man approached me and said that he would like to get acquainted with me. Our conversation initially did not take off, but he was persistent and I agreed to a date with him. A few days later he proposed to me, I sent him to talk to my father who liked him and blessed our marriage.

IL - Do you plan to become a mother?

MA - I would like to have a baby very much, but so far it did not happen. I am a workaholic, and my job is very important to me. Of course if I would have a baby I would stop for a while, but not for good. I tried to be just a wife on several occasions, but this fate is not for me.


  • At May 06, 2007 4:33 PM, Anonymous said…

    The translation to English is so unique. It makes reading the article so much more interesting.

    I don't know where you've dug up this stuff but it is certainly eye-opening. Thank you for your hard work in bringing us information.


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