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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Article in the Russian Language Internet News publication Rol.Ru. printed on April 12, 2007.


Unusual relationship of the figure skating star with Mr. Konstantin Khabinsky prompts an unexpected development.

Because of her condition, the champion canceled her important show tour in America. The secret relationship of Konstantin Khabensky and Irina Slutskaya received an unexpected development. After her 8 years of childless marriage to Sergey Micheev, Irina became pregnant.

It was understandable of how this happy and long anticipated news affected the skater, who immediately decided to cancel her tour show contract. Despite the fact that she was so early in the pregnancy, and that she could skate for at least a month longer, Slutskaya did not want to take chances with the health of the fetus.

Learning that she was pregnant, Irina did not want to hide her happiness and immediately told Konstantin the news. The actor, who also had a childless marriage, was very happy as well. Although they are both happy, they both understand the complexity of their situation. Both of them are married to other people. At this time they are trying not to think of how they would deal with their spouses.

As soon as she learned about her pregnancy, Irina immediately decided that she would stop her performances with the touring company, although she had a signed agreement to participate in Pluschenko's show on ice.

On April 10, Irina, together with other members of the touring company, was supposed to leave for the US, where they have planned 2 months of shows. Producers of the show tried to convince her to go to the States for just a short period, but she refused, saying that the contracts mean nothing to her, since she was dreaming of having a child for such a long time. Irina was concerned that she may lose the fetus at the second month of pregnancy, which has a high risk of miscarriage.

At this time Irina stays in Moscow and is not planning to leave the capital.


  • At April 19, 2007 7:47 AM, Anonymous said…

    It is sad to hear that Irina and her "secret love" have both destroyed their marriages. That is too bad. "For better or for worse" means just what it says. No doubt Irina's husband & Konstatine's wife will be devastated.


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