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Friday, April 06, 2007


Interview by Olga Nikitina (ON) of Russian Language Newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" with two time Olympic Champion Evgeny Platov: "Our relations with Oxana Grischuk is an unfinished book".

Printed on March 22, 2007.


Introduction: In 1998 the pair - Platov/Grischuk won the Olympic gold for the second time in a row. After his participation in the "Dances on Ice" show Evgeny became even more famous than he was during his sports career. His admirers even created a web site dedicated to that show and continue exchanging notes long after completion of that project.

At the World Championship in Japan, Evgeny Platov (EP) will be present as the coach of the British couple - Sinead/John Kerr. Evgeny lives in the USA, but often comes to Moscow where he gave this interview before the main figure skating battle of the year.

ON - Evgeny, many of our figure skaters and coaches have begun coming back from the US - Tatiana Tarasova, Tatiana Navka, Alex Zhulin … are you also drawn back?

EP - I entertained such a thought. Especially after the "Dances on Ice" project. Incidentally, similar projects were successful in other countries - Czech republic, Italy, Holland. I can say with certainty that the skaters are popular not only in Russia, but even in England they are in great demand. It is great that our sport is so popular.

ON - Figure skating became an "export" sport for Russia: our former sportspeople are representing many different countries. What do you think about this "leakage of skaters"?

EP - Our guys are very talented. And not all of them may achieve high places at the Championship in Russia, as to get to the international level. So, they start competing for other countries. Also, in US every girl is dreaming of skating with a Russian boy - they are more passionate and artistic in skating. The demand for Russian skaters is also high because in the US figure skating is not considered to be a "manly" sport . The boys are more drawn to American football, baseball, hockey. The parents have a prejudice that if a boy goes into the figure skating, he may automatically become gay.

ON - I heard that your British pupils- brother and sister Kerr - were absolutely sure that you would lead them to Olympic podium in Vancouver.

EP - I like to work with Sinead and John. I do not feel that I have to pull them forward; they are thinking people and they have a lot of ideas. They work very hard. They do not skate only a couple of days a year - Christmas and New Year days. And that is only because the rink is closed. When I participated in "Dances on Ice" they came over to Hovogorsk to practice with me. Incidentally the conditions for practice there were very good.

ON - Than why many of our skaters and coaches live in America?
EP - We left the USSR at very bad times. In early nineties everything was in decay, there were shortages everywhere, even with gasoline. They could not make ice. The country had other priorities than the ice championships. At the same time America experienced a boom in figure skating, similar to the one that is in Russia now.

ON - When you were a child, did you believe that you would be an Olympic champion?

EP - I started skating at 6, but than I had a break until 9, and when I came back to the rink my contemporaries were making double and sometimes triple jumps. I was behind them and decided to go into dancing on ice - it was fun and there were pairs with girls. Pretty soon I understood that that I was wrong and it was hard work. My friends teased me as well. But I felt that I could be a good figure skater. I needed to overcome my fears of performing in public.

In the TV show "Dances on Ice" Platov was performing with a model Anna Azarov. There were rumors that they had an affair, but the skater denies the rumors.

ON - You worked with your former partner Oxana Grischuk at the project "Dances on Ice". Prior to that you did not see each other and practically did not communicate. How did your meeting go?

EP - We met very nicely. Oxana was practicing tango with her partner Peter Krasilov. I asked Oxana if she remembered our steps. She replied that she did and we had some good time skating together.

ON - On her arrival to Moscow, Oxana contacted several news organizations and offered a scandalous interview. She told the press of her affair with Alex Zhulin, who, according to Oxana, was trying to convince her to drop figure skating and thus free the podium for him and Maya Usova; of her money difficulties with Tarasova and yourself.

EP - Oxana and I lived through a lot of stressful situations. She is a very unique and emotional person. I felt the we could be winners together. Now, after 9 years separately, I can remember only good things about her.

ON - Why do you think after so many years Oxana cannot calm down?

EP - It is her nature. She can not live calmly. That was why we argued a lot. We had to change a lot of things that she did not like, but on the other hand, it improved our skating. We separated when we were completing our careers. After that I was skating with Maja Usova and Oxana skated with Alex Zhulin. For a long time I had a feeling of incompleteness. No other pair won as much as we did with Oxana: two Olympics, two World Championships. Our history together was like a book without the last page. I wanted to write the last page and put the book on the shelf. I am glad that we were able to unite and to participate in the "Dances on Ice" and at the New Year concert.

ON - Did you ever think in America of getting an image consultant?

EP - My American girlfriend plays that role. She tells me all the time that I am a bad dresser. She even came to Moscow when I was participating in "Dances on Ice." She told me right away that all my wardrobe was out of vogue and it should be burned. She forced me to go to Moscow boutiques to buy clothes. I am too lazy for shopping.

ON - Is it the same girlfriend that you mentioned a few years ago in your interviews?

EP - Yes, it is the same one. Everything is great between us. But we are not ready to say the key words as to cement our relations.

ON - Do you have children?

EP - No.

ON - Do you have a nutritionist?

EP - No. I eat everything. If I gain weight, I have a very simple diet. I have stolen this diet from John Travolta. He suggested to eat only a half of a pizza, when you want to eat whole. I follow this suggestion in all my eating. I also prohibit my students, especially girls, to eat after 6 pm. Not even apples - there is a lot of sugar in them. I was always slim and thought that I would never gain weight. But I am keeping unusual hours - from morning to night I am on ice. When I come home I would be very hungry and would eat a lot of food at night and I started gaining weight. Now I cut my portions in half. And I follow the principle - eat your breakfast yourself, eat half of your dinner and give your supper away to your enemy.


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