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Tuesday, April 03, 2007



Jubilee of Tatiana Tarasova. Press release of the Russian Federation of Figure Skating, Moscow, February 13, 2007

February 13 was the birthday of Tatiana Tarasova - International Class Sports Master, renowned coach, graduate of the Central Institute of Physical Culture (1979). She worked as an instructor in physical culture and sports at the Central Sports Club of the Army (1968-69) and various other clubs.

Russian pupils of Ms. Tarasova won seven Olympic gold medals: in pairs - I. Rodnina and A. Zaitsev(1976, 1980); in men's singles - I. Kulik (1998) and A. Yagudin (2002); in ice dancing N. Bestemianova and A. Bukin (1988); M. Klimova and S. Ponomarenko (1992); O. Grischuk and E. Platov (1998).

Among the students of Ms. Tarasova were the winners of the World and European Championships - I. Moiseeva and A. Minenkov; T. Voituk and V. Zhigalin (ice dancing).

Working for a few years abroad, Ms. Tarasova was instrumental in preparing and coaching foreign skaters - winners of World Championships - such as women's singles - S. Cohen (sic) (USA); S. Arakawa (Japan); ice dancers - B. Fusar-Poli and M. Margolio (Italy); I. Delobel and O. Shonfelder (sic)(France).

During preparation to the XX Olympic Games as a coach -consultant of the Russian Olympic figure skating team since 2005, Ms. Tarasova was a major contributor to winning of two Olympic Gold medals in 2006 by T. Tomjanina and M. Marinin - in pairs and by T. Navka and R. Kostomarov - in ice dancing, as well as a bronze medal in women's singles by I. Slutskaya.

These major contributions of Ms. Tarasova into Russian sports were appreciated by bestowing on her of various State awards.

As of today, Ms. Tarasova is full of creative strengths and plans on behalf of Russian Figure Skating Sports. Her pupils, her colleagues and her admirers in Russia and abroad are sincerely congratulating her with her jubilee.


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