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Monday, April 02, 2007


By Marina Sipiagina, Russian Language Internet news service, January 29,2007


The public is always interested to know how the superstars relax.

How do they differ from us - the simple mortals, what hotels and resorts do they select, and what do they actually do while they are there?

The readers and spectators are watching their idols, sometimes trying to imitate them, sometimes being appalled by them, and sometimes envying them.

Meanwhile the stars themselves are giving a lot of reasons to gossip about their life in general and at the popular resorts in particular.

As a rule, the stars are selecting the most expensive resorts and hotels, where they are assured that they will be among "their kind" without bringing too much attention to themselves.

But there are exceptions when anyone could observe how the superstars rest.

Not long ago Ms. Irina Slutskaya - the beloved Russian figure skating superstar and a famous TV personality, gave the people a chance to glimpse her vacation at a mountain ski resort.

This year for some reason she did not select the famous Kursheville, where the world's most powerful people rest and relax, or the equally fashionable Austrian or Italian winter resorts, but a modest East Turkey resort, Palandoken, a four stars resort, where the Russian middle class takes their vacations.

One would think that Irina knew where she was going and should have been ready for that place, but apparently she did not realize the quality of service at a Turkish "four star" resort and she was definitely not ready for the attention that she received from the Russian tourists as the beloved star of the "Stars on Ice" show.

The other Russian tenants of the resort were drawn to their idol, but she did not like it at all, and at that time the people could see Irina not as a nice and smiling person that they are used to seeing on the screen.

Irina became abrasive with all the people who approached her, regardless of their age. When she was asked if she was the figure skating star by a young girl, Irina snapped that she was the one, but she had the right to her privacy at her vacations. Very often her sharp tong lashed out at the people surrounding her, although a celebrity of such standing could have been more lenient to the simple people who worshiped and adored her.

She brought the staff of the hotel, which greeted her with rachat lukum (Turkish sweets) and other gifts, to the condition of nervous breakdown. The staff still remembers the legendary tantrums thrown by Ms. Slutskaya for the quality of the towels in the hotel. She was known to the staff as a "very nice, but angry" person. The people of Irina's party behaved the same way. When a child of one of the members of her party decided to take a leak in the pool and the people swimming in the pool were upset by that behavior, the people at Irina's party defended this action as a nice, childish simple joke.

Toward the end of her stay at the resort, Irina was able to turn all other Russian speaking guests against herself. Seeing her, people would turn away as to avoid a scene. Of course they were gossiping about the whims of the star and often mentioned that she gained weight and looked different than on the screen.

But Irina did not pay any attention to the people around her, but if and when she did, it was always to stress her position and status.

On the flight back home from the resort, she took the seats in the first rpw, that the flight attendants usually use for their rest in flight, thus denying them the possibility of resting in flight, but it did not bother her at all.

It seems that she knows very well, that as a star, she can get away with anything she wants.


  • At April 04, 2007 7:30 AM, Anonymous said…

    If what the reporter said is true, it is a shame to see Irina behaving like a diva. Too bad.


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