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Friday, March 23, 2007


She's always been a touch... dramatic. Even operatic, one could say. Well, now the 1994 Olympic Ladies Champion is one step closer to belting out a Wagner tune. She will be appearing in a musical, Cold as Ice, at the Gateway Theater in Long Island. Click here, for details.

If you would like to audition (or just want a sneak peek at what you can expect from the show), here is the official info (all colors from original website):

Gateway Playhouse, Bellport is seeking performers for its World Premiere production of COLD AS ICE, starring Olympic Gold Medalist, Oksana Baiul. This musical chronicles the lives of six Olympic bound Ice Skaters. The production will be performed on ice by skating athletes and joining them will be actors (who do NOT skate) portraying their alteregos as well as other important characters in the lives of these skaters. We are seeking singers with a contemporary pop sound. Commitment dates are May 1-June 17.

Roles that are open:

Maya Propova (Early 20's) A young talented Russian skater trapped in a system that she wants to escape. Should be thin, fair, and physically resemble Oksana Baiul. Strong Actress/Singer. Russian- Eastern European Dialect skills a plus.

Chelsea Riley (Early 20's) A talented young skater who comes from a working class family All-American type. (Think Sara (sic) Hughes) Strong singer/actress.

Lindsey Cohen ( Early 20's) A young beautiful skater, who has been given the world with strings attached. Trying to find her own voice and individuality. Actress/Singer.

Natalia Platov (Over 35) A world renowned Russian skating coach with a world class temper. Russian/Eastern European Dialect skills a plus. Strong Actress. Non singing.

Josh Baldwin ( 20's) A young male skater with a flamboyant and creative bent. Hispanic orBi-Racial actor sought.(Think Rudy Galindo, Brian Boitano, etc...) Actor/Singer.

David Campbell (20's) A young Canadian skater a heart throb matinee idol with a reputation for the ladies. (Think Elvis Stojko). Actor/Singer.

Dean Andrews(20's) A young, smart, motivated young man, All-American skater- thin preferably blonde, (think Scott Hamilton) Actor/Singer

Veronica Cohen (40's) Overbearing brassy broad who will stop at nothing to see her daughter win the gold. (Strong actress/singer)

Character Men(30's-40's) Various coaches, talent agents, fathers.Strong actors. Non-singing.

Character Women (30's-40's) Strong Actress/Singers to play mothers of various skaters.

Gateway Playhouse is on an Equity LOA contract & participates in the Equity Membership Program.

Salaries range. There are full salaried positions available for some roles and stipend salaries available for the smaller ensemble roles. Housing provided thru rehearsal and run, if necessary.

Please submit photo and resume electronically to, only if you do not have access to the world wide web should you submit pictures and resumes by mail to:

Arts Office Casting
Gateway Playhouse
PO Box 5
Bellport, NY 11713

For a preview listen to the score, click here.

And here's some speculation about the show transferring to Broadway!



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