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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Elena Bereznaja is Pregnant

Report by Julia Semenova and Elena Goncharova in the Russian Language publication Komsomolskaya Pravda on April 6, 2007


Elena Bereznaja skated with Sikhuralidse, and dated Cousins. Both men look alike.

On March 29, Elena Bereznaja made the spectators of the show "Stars on Ice" in the city of Rjazan happy with her performance. After that day, her name was deleted from the play bills of the show. The reason is a happy one - the 29 year old figure skater is pregnant. At the performance in the Siberian City of Barnaul, Ilia Averbukh announced that to his pity, but to the happiness of the skater, she left the show because she was pregnant.

The spectators reacted to the news with ovations. The future father - Mr. Steven Cousins is the 8 time Champion of Great Britain in men's single skating. He is 34. His main claim to fame is the fact that he was the first skater in England who performed a triple axel. Currently Steve is performing in ice show tours in different countries. He may even take part in some of the Russian shows, and there are rumors that he may move in with Elena.

And what about Anton Sikhuralidse, with whom she skated for so many years? A lot of people thought that this pair of fragile blond and her macho partner, who fit each other so nicely, were an inseparable couple not only on ice, but in the real life. In reality there was nothing personal between them. They just skated together. Incidentally, at the "Stars on Ice" show Elena performed without Anton on many occasions. He is very busy, since he is a deputy of St. Petersburg's legislation.

Points of interest:

Elena Bereznaja was born on October 11, 1977 in the town of Nevinnomisk. Currently she lives in St. Petersburg. In 2002 Bereznaja and Sikhuralidze won Olympic gold medals at Salt Lake City. Those Olympics are famous by the great scandal: the Russian pair won by the vote of one judge. The Canadian couple filed a complaint and was awarded a second Gold medal.


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