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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Irina Slutskaya to reporters: “Go to hell with all of your stories about my pregnancy.”

Translation of an article by Nadezhda Oseeva and Malika Samahiddinova in Russian language newspaper “Trud”, published on June 28, 2007

Irinal Slutskaya left sports; she is either pregnant or has decided to become an actress. The ice princess of figure skating no longer comes out on the ice: she missed the show of Pluschenko in Russia and would not take part in the Collins’ tour in the USA. She also refused to take part in the races of aqua bikes and was planning to spend the summer home with a book. It is so not typical of Ms. Slutskaya who was always very competitive and wanted to be the first everywhere.
Irina played a role in a film with a working name “The Story of a Black Cow”. It will be released soon. It looks like the figure skater is seriously interested in acting in the theater.

If it is true or false it is hard to say, but she is making good monologues lately. In the hall of the Ice Castle she was telling off the reporters: “How long are you going to write about my private life? You want to make me to be beside myself, you will not succeed because the sport made me strong. I feel sorry for the people who read this nonsense! I do not want to discuss my relationship with Khabensky, or with my husband, or my pregnancy. It is all nonsense! You do not have any proof or explanation. I am in contact with half of the people in the show business and you may claim that I have relationships with all of them. Honestly, I do not understand why people love scandals so much? Who needs it? Who is interested in it and who benefits from it? It is all lies! Look at my “pregnant” waistline- said Irina turning around. You are all printing stories that I never confirmed. You are speaking for me. Did you ever think how difficult it is for me and Kostja’s wife to read these stories? I am married, I love my husband, but every day I learn something new about myself.”

When asked by a reporter when she discovered her theatrical talents, she asked – what talents? When asked if she studies in a theatrical institute, Irina replied that she never conformed this information. Irina thinks that it is OK for the former sports people to start acting careers provided that they have studied in this area. She herself has graduated from a school for announcers. She used this knowledge to be an announcer at the second half of the last Pluschenko show on ice.

Irina has a few projects in the works, but she does not want to talk about them, stating that when they were completed, the spectators would be the judges. She does not like to beat her own drum as most people in show business in the 21st century do. “I am made from a different mold. The time will come and you will learn about my projects” - said Irina.

The reporters pointed out that many former figure skaters – Evgeny Pluschenko, Anton Sikhuralidze, Elena Bereznaja became politicians. Asked why she did not look into that area Irina replied: “Because it would not be me. I am not strong in politics and would not go there. I think that every person should do what they know how to do. I can not combine politics with my other projects and I know that I would not be able to give it my all. I am used to giving my full attention to what I do.” Irina also stated that she did not have business talent and would stick with what she did best.

When asked if she is completely finished with sports, she replied that she has reached the heights and that it was not out of the question that she may come back. She has not sent an official letter to the Russian Figure Skating Federation stating that she was leaving the sport. She left the door open that if she would have a wish to skate, she could always come back, provided that her health would allow that.

Lately there were a lot of rumors that Irina was pregnant and not by her husband, businessmen Sergey Mikheev. They are happily married for 8 years. There were also rumors that the father of her future child was actor Constantine Khabinsky. Also there are rumors that Irina is studying at the Russian academy of arts as to become a theatrical actress.

Also, it was said that Irina is getting ready to move into a new place. She bought a whole floor in a new development of a 12 story building in a very prestige area of Moscow. Today the price of one square yard of construction there is about 8 thousand dollars. The whole floor is about 300 square yards. But being true to herself, Irina does not confirm anything about the construction, although she rents an apartment in a building next door to the construction site where she could watch her new place being built.

Ed note: Despite the tone of this article, Irina's pregnancy has been reported as fact, for months.


  • At July 18, 2007 7:06 AM, Anonymous said…

    Has anybody actually seen her looking pregnant? Maybe she was but had a miscarriage or an abortion.

    I can't say that I blame her for wanting to keep her private life private. The media can be pirahnas and can even destroy people with their "curiosity".


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