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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Interview with the famous coach Tatiana Tarasova, (TT) printed in a Russian Language publication “Novie Izvestija” (NI) on August 20, 2007.

NI – Ms. Tarasova, why do you think Alexey Yagudin is coming back?

TT – He is a very passionate person, he likes competitions and feels that he can do much more for the sport. Alexey did not plan to leave in 2002. If his leg would not hurt, we would have participated in the next Olympics. Also, I think that neither Yagudin, nor Pluschenco would come back if there was anyone in Russia who could take their place.

NI – Did he discuss this with you?

TT – He called me about 2 moths ago, before the operation and asked me to be his coach.

NI – And?

TT – I agreed right away. How could I not? If a person who achieved almost everything in sports would want to force himself to work hard and to enjoy it, I can not refuse my help. Sports are supported by these kind of people. And because of Alexey, I am willing to dedicate a few more years of my life to work with him. It is so interesting – to build a new person, to rebuild his confidence. Incidentally, I coached Rodnina after she gave birth and she won another Olympics. Alexey has grown up. He is not joking and if his health permits, he will go to his third Olympics.

NI – Will we see him this year on the tours?

TT – No, this year is for restoration. We have not discussed where we will work. Wherever it will be comfortable, there we will work. Why was it nice to work in America – the rink was 4 minutes away from the home and there was a lot of ice.

NI – To come back to amateurs after such a long break would be a real miracle!

TT – If his health would permit, he can do it!


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