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Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Yagudin – a TV star and a writer.

Translation of an article published in Russian Language Internet publication “Novosti Sporta” on October 4, 2007

Champion of 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City is considering to participate in a TV show serial and to release his book.

Yagudin stated that sooner or later a sports career is over and one has to think about moving forward and building the foundation for the future. At this time he was going to do something new – to try himself on TV as an actor. So far there were several auditions, meetings with the director and as soon as the contract is signed, the taping would start.

He also stated that in 2-3 weeks his book will be released in Moscow. It was released in Japan 4 years ago and he had to edit it and add some chapters for the Russian release.

Today he was meeting with the editor to select the title of the book. So far he had 3 promising drafts of the title.

Yagudin also added that he continues to skate in TV ice shows. In July he underwent a complex operation and the doctors forbid him to go on ice for the following 3 months, but the healing was going very well and he decided to start working in the ice shows. He stated that it was less difficult than the practice of a professional sportsperson.


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