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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Tatiana Navka is going to become a theatrical Director

Translation of a Russian language Internet publication “Dni.Ru” posted on August 17, 2007

Tatiana Navka, Turin’s Olympic Champion, is not planning to stay in the shadows after leaving big sports. She decided to select a new profession and enrolled into a correspondence course of Moscow University of Culture and Arts.

The reasons for this decision were explained by the figure skater as follows:

“I do not quite know what exactly moved me to select this profession, but I think that having additional education would not hurt. I decided to become a theatrical director. Actually I did not tell anyone about that and I am surprised how fast the information got out”.

Ms. Navka agreed that her decision was influenced by her participation in the “Stars On Ice” competition where she participated and which she won. “I was very interested in the process of producing a show where a lot of people take part. In pairs there are only two people, while in the theater there are many actors, this is an entirely different process”.

The Olympic champion had to pass the admission exam and she did it all by herself. No one gave her any credit for being an Olympic Champion.

After graduation of the course, Ms. Navka will receive a diploma of a “Director for theatrical plays and mass celebrations."


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