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Thursday, October 18, 2007

2002: TAKE TWO?

For those still debating the 2002 Olympic Pair skating result, here comes a chance to continue the conflict.

Imagine Olympics 2026: Jesse Pelletier, son of Canada's Jaime Sale and David Pelletier, versus Trystan Cousins, son of Russia's Elena Bereznaia and Great Britain's Steven Cousins.

Here is a Russian television video of the latter bringing their little guy home from the hospital. A translation is below:

Announcer: For the first time together under the sun, shy Elena, like a fairy tale character, who covers herself up with flowers; Steven with a stunned smile and Trystan in the car-seat. Elena’s mother, who flew in from Nevinnomisk, is walking behind the new parents as not to interfere.

There were only 100 steps from the door of the hospital to their car. Those were like 100 steps into the new life.

Elena: It is hard to believe that it really happened, that it is mine, and that I am a mom. But everything is going well. It is the third day now and we got acquainted and became friends with my son.

Announcer: The newborn is making faces in his sleep. Elena is reciting the usual news of the newborns: – “ the weight – 5.9 pounds; 18.1 inch tall; I will be breast feeding; I have prepared a million pants and shirts, as a result of nine months of shopping."

Steven: Elena wanted that we should give birth together. I was standing there thinking that I can bear it and she would bear it too. The doctors were very concerned, but they did not know her.

Announcer: The doctors knew about her terrible head trauma and they did not even consider to offer the general anesthesia. They know that once Elena has already forced herself to restart her life from the very beginning. In 1996 in synchronized rotation, her partner hit her in the temple with his skate. The doctors were convinced that she would not even be able to talk. At that time she was saved by Anton Sikharulidze. He told her: “Let’s go girl, you have to skate!” In two month she was able to come out on ice, and in a year she became the European Champion.

The world triumph came in 2002 in Salt Lake City. Elena and Anton became the most beautiful pair in the world and the winners of Olympic Gold medals. And it was also a time for their first scandal – the quote from the American newspapers – “The judges gave them more favorable marks. There should be another set of medals issued”.

She was saved this time by Steven Cousins. Elena would lose her mind if she would not fell madly in love with the young British figure skater.

Says Cousins: I was about to lose my mind as well. She was the best and it was her gold medal, she could do everything, even to be with me.

Announcer: Elena says, smiling: Yes I can start another new life, this time with Tristan when I will teach him to speak two languages and to skate while we will learn to live together with Trystan in Moscow and wait for papa Steven there.

Elena: We are going to stay here for another month and a half and then we will go back to Moscow after Trystan would grow a little and become stronger. Back to work.

Announcer: In six weeks she is planning to come out on the ice. She says: “I can do it. Now I have another man in my life - Trystan who can save me”.

Ed note: If young Trystan does decide to take up competitive skating, he will have a very similar namesake. Tristan Cousins, nephew of 1980 Olympic Champion Robin Cousins, is a national and international competitor.


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