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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Yagudin is not as good in bed as he is on the ice

Translation of an article by Mikhail Gasparov printed on October 11,2007 in the Russian language publication

Figure skater Anastasia Gorshkova, who lived for 2 years with the Olympic Champion Alexey Yagudin told the press about the reason for her break up with Yagudin.

According to her, he did not satisfy her in the bed.

She said: “He was not a super lover. Unfortunately he was not as good in bed, as he was on the ice. I would not say that sex with him was bad, but it could be much better. It was not that he lacked strength or imagination, but it was missing something. We always stayed in the classical missionary position . We did not do anything extreme so as not to get another trauma. We both had our share of dislocations and fractures."

The pair broke up just before the start of the show “Ice Age." The couple was looking for an apartment in Moscow where they would stay during the taping of the show, but Yagudin again upset Anastasia and she slapped him in the face and left him for St. Petersburg for good.

There she learned about the intrigue between Alexey and his new partner – the young singer Victoria Daineko, but she was skeptical about the potential of the new couple.

According to Anastasia, Yagudin is “not made” for family life – he is a “pathological bachelor”.

(Please see the article below, where he more or less agrees with her assesment).


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