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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Anna Semenovich and her cars.

Translation of an article printed in Russian Language on-line publication Autonet.Ru on October 16,2007

Former figure skater and now beautiful actress and singer Anna Semenovich had long ago become a person that the nation is proud of.

People do not only admire, but adore her, especially the male half of Russia, while the women are quietly jealous of her.

And the reason for that is not only her perfect bust line, which is often mentioned in the press, but that Anna Semenovich is an outstanding person, who overcame great difficulties and moved to the height of her glory regardless of all obstacles in her way.

The story that Anna in her youth was very seriously involved in sports and even was one of the best figure skaters of her time, was considered by many as a joke. But it was not a joke. The beautiful singer of the group “The Shining” was a professional figure skater, who had shown with her talent that she was really the best in her time.

If it was not for a trauma, due to which she had to leave the sport, she would win many more competitions.

But the occasion that took her away from her beloved sport did not push her down into the abyss that many former sportspeople fall into after leaving sports. Due to her persistence, perseverance and endurance, she became not just well known, but very popular in show business.

Says Anna: “I am very active. I can not sit in one place for long. It is as if a motor inside me pushes me all the time – go forward, overcome, conquer”.

Anna was born on the first day of spring in Moscow. She was a late and long-awaited child of her not too well off parents. When she was 2 years old she became sick and her parents took her to sports. In the 80s, sports and arts clubs were free and she was taking music and singing classes as well. She never had a free moment to be slacking.

Says Anna: “The deficiencies that I had to overcome in my youth made the foundation of my character, made me resistant and strong. It really helps me now.

Today Anna Semenovich is a bright personality, who likes to be the best firstly for herself and as a result of it, for outsiders. Her admirers are expressing their love in different ways, for example by writing messages to her on the windshield of her car.

Says Anna: “I did like to read messages stating that I was the most beautiful and adorable, especially if they were left on the dusty windshield, but when they were scratched on the car, it was too much”.

But Anna is not getting upset, and is periodically taking her car to a body shop for a paint job.

In general the singer likes cars very much. She is a good driver with a number of years of driving experience. Anna got her first driver's license during skating practice in the USA and at the age of 21 she bought her first typical American car - Ford Taurus, which she drove for 2 years and she was very happy with the vehicle.

Anna is very meticulous in selecting her cars and she thinks that everything has its time limit. That is why the cars are not staying for too long in her garage. When at 23 Anna returned to Russia, she quickly switched to a gray Peugeot 206. And on her 25th birthday she presented herself with a brand new Toyota RAV4 which she enjoyed for 2 years as well. In general Anna likes Jeeps and thinks that they are the most comfortable cars.

In the past Anna was driving her cars herself, but lately, with a very tight schedule of endless concerts and tours, she hired a driver, who also serves as a body guard.

Says Anna: “Despite the fact that I like driving very much, nowdays I gave this task to a professional and I climb in the back, coil up and take a nap while he is driving”.

These days the beautiful actress and singer is being driven in a beige Porsche Cayenne which meets all of the requirements of its starry owner.

Looking at the dynamics with which Anna is changing her “horses” it is hard to imagine how many cars she will have in her life. Today she is dreaming about a strong and noble Infinity.

Anna Semenovich is a shining example of a person who became famous due to her optimism and hard work. And naturally, no one would argue that fate was favorable to her.


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