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Monday, November 12, 2007


Ilja Averbuch – divorce is not a reason for a show

Translation of an interview by Irina Stepantseva (IS), a correspondent of Russian Language newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets printed on November 8, 2007

Now each member of a star duet will write their history separately. Behind them there are many victories on ice and 15 years of living together. Their son will be 4 soon. They have the love of their fans. All of that will continue, but not the family of Averbuch and Lobacheva. They divorced ten days ago.

Ilja Averbuch (IA): “The divorce happened, I can not deny that. But I do not want to make any comments. It is my private business, it is my family. I would like to keep it private and not bring it out in the public. There will be a lot of gossip and some would even want to turn it in to an entertaining show. I understand that we cannot hide, that people will talk and make up stories of what happened, but I will not be the one to share the details of our divorce. If Irina decides differently, it is her right, but I decided this way.

IS – Is there a possibility to remain if not friendly, but in some kind of relations with Irina?

IA – Yes, I hope that we will have normal civilized relations. We continue to work together. I hope that the divorce will not hit our son hard. I always had and still have a lot of respect for Irina. Of course a lot of things changed, but I do not want our life to become more complicated.

IS – When did you actually divorce?

IA – Ten days ago.

IS – Who initiated the divorce?

IA - Irina and I know about it, and I think that no others need to know. What difference does it make? The divorce is accepted by both of us.

IS – When you were telling in the past to the reporters the history of the beautiful love of Averbuch and Lobacheva, you always stated that you did not regret anything, and you could only be happy. It seems that the time for regrets was not for the past, but rather for the future to come now. What are the regrets about?

IA – Life goes on. It is full of events, it is very complicated, it has a lot of streams and everything is constantly changing. Of course I regret it very much that we failed with Irina – we both tried honestly and for a long time to save our family, although it was mostly for our son. Every child needs a family. For Martin the situation is very complex. But we, together, will try to make the situation as easy on him as possible. The rest is just life.

IS – When people work together and than each one starts working separately, is it possible to save the family? Or is it a natural process that there could be no more common interests?

IA – The are no recipes. Every person has a different story and a separate entanglement of life's problems. Work brings in some other problems and some people can handle them and some not. We were together with Irina for a long time – we were dating since we were 17 and lived together since we were 19. No matter how one would count – we are together for 15 years, and that could not be forgotten or erased, and the main thing is that we do not want to do that. We respect each other. Life goes on. And now each of us will have a different story.


  • At November 12, 2007 8:46 AM, Anonymous said…

    That is so sad! What if they had put their marriage first, their son second, and work third? Maybe then they would still be together. On the other hand, maybe not.


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