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Thursday, November 08, 2007


Tatiana Totmjanina and Maxim Marinin upset the president.
Olympic Champions are leaving sports

Article by Sergey Dadigin, a correspondent of a Russian Language Newspaper “Express gazeta” printed on October 29, 2007.

Fans of figure skating were expecting the beginning of the skating season with great anticipation. The greatest stars were expected to come back – Evgeny Pluschenko, Alexey Yagudin and pair of Olympic Champions, Totmjanina and Marinin. But it was not meant to be. There is the first loss.

It became known that Totmjanina and Marinin already notified the president of the Russian Federation of Figure Skating, Mr. Valentin Piseev, of their decision. Marinin explained it by the fact that in September his son was born and he wants to spend more time with his family. But the main reason was explained by his partner:

“We expected it very much that the Federation would provide us with financial support,” said Tatiana. “Maxim has to support his family. I am not married, but I have parents who need my help. To go back to amateur sports meant for us to stop participating in all of the ice shows that we are performing in now. These shows are our main source of income. But we did not get any understanding from the Federation, no money, no sponsors.”

This decision of Totmjanina and Marinin means one thing – this season Russia would not claim any gold medals in pair skating. Other duets can not compete at that level yet.

Valentin Piseev commented on the situation as follows: “We had an interesting conversation with Tatiana and Maxim. Initially they asked for a specific amount of money for their return. Later, after consulting with their coach they named another sum. When I asked if it was for both of them, I was told that it was for each of them, but we could not afford the requested amounts. Incidentally, I am not sure that even if they would get the money they would come back. If sportspeople really want to come back, it is seen in their words and deeds. Maxim states that he achieved everything in sports and he has a family now. Family is great, but why are they asking me for what I can not deliver?”

Maxim's family consists of his girlfriend, ballet dancer Natalia Somova, and their new son. They live together in Moscow. Their son, Artemij, was born in the city of Krasnodar where her parents live. In a few days, Maxim will take Natalia and his son back to Moscow.

Now the leaders in Russian pair skating will probably become the pair of Muchortova – Tranjkov, who are also coached by Oleg Vasiliev.


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