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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Yagudin started singing and taped an erotic video.

Translation of an interview by Vera Petrova (VP) a correspondent of Russian language newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda printed on November 19, 2007

The stars of the ice show on the first channel of Russian TV, Victoria Daineko and Alex Yagudin (AY), got tired of defending themselves against guesses if there was love between them or not. They decided to bring to life the backstage legend of their love in a video taped to the music of the song, "Needle,” by Igor Matvienko. The tape was made in the underground garage of one of the apartment building complexes at the South-Western part of Moscow. Incidentally, Yagudin, for the first time, was singing in this clip.

The tape included a dance on ice and even a bed scene. For the “lovers” they prepared a nice black bed with white sheets and black pillows.

The director of the video developed an intriguing net made up of halftones and innuendos about passionate relations of the lovers. Victoria, dressed in a silk robe and seductive stockings, immediately got into the role of passionate diva, while Yagudin became a passionate macho man. During a break in taping, a half-dressed Victoria went to the dressing wagon parked near the garage to get warm. She was met there by her girlfriend and Tosik, her Yorkshire terrier. Yagudin did not hide in the wagon and talked to this reporter.

VP – After taping such a clip, how could you still deny that Victoria is your girlfriend?

AY – Victoria is very beautiful, but nevertheless I like her more for her human qualities. This bright person charges me with energy. But what is between us is a secret for now.

VP - Will you celebrate New Year’s Eve with the girl that you love?

AY – I will be in St. Petersburg with my mother and maybe with my girlfriend. I do not know for sure what will happen tomorrow and you are asking about New Year’s Eve. I did not even start looking for presents yet.

VP – Will you leave sports and start singing now?

AY – No, it was just an interesting experience. I do not have any musical education.

VP – Did you have to rehearse before taping the video?

AY – We are singing this song very well now. Yesterday we gave a concert in the Palace of Sports Luzniky, tomorrow we will tape the New Year’s Show “Goluboy Ogonek” (Blue Flame).


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