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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Tatiana Navka and Alex Zhulin: No, we are not getting a divorce and we are not going to have one.

Translation of the article by Alla Smirnova, a correspondent of a Russian Language newspaper Komsomolskaja Pravda, printed on November 24, 2007.

At the project “Ice Age,” passions are running high because of the gossip about the “divorces” of Navka – Zhulin and now Drobjazko – Vanagas.

After the sensational divorce of the head coach of the project, Ilja Averbuch, and the figure skater Irina Lobacheva who lived together for 16 years, the project "Ice Age" became a fertile ground for many incredible gossips.

The most important one was about the second coach of the show, Alex Zhulin, divorcing his wife. The gossip stated that Tatiana Navka started a romance with her former partner at the show “Stars on Ice,” Marat Basharov, who is the current announcer at the "Ice Age" show and that Zhulin, learning about that, filed for divorce.

When asked about the story, Tatiana Navka said, "Marat and I are like brother and sister. Only sick people could come up with such nonsense. I am happy together with Alex. Basharov has a strong family - his wife Lisa and daughter Amely are coming to each taping of the program. We consider it below our dignity to refute this nonsense and gossip about our divorce.”

Zhulin was in agreement with his beloved wife. “If someone thinks that it was true, let them come to our home and watch under our windows. I am kidding, of course, but it is the only way to see that we are living together, leaving home and coming back together.”

The gossip hit another couple, Margarita Drobjazko and Povilas Vanagas. Margarita, a figure skater who is skating in a strong pair with Alex Djachenko, an actor, is beside herself that she has to deny that she has a romance with her partner at the ice show.

She said, “It was just our fate that Alex Djachenko and I happened to work together at the project. I am very happy in my marriage with Povilas Vanagas for the last ten years. We love each other, we were married in the church and, for god’s sake, we are not such stupid people as to start an intrigue in front of everyone. It does not mean that we are going to start them behind the backs. Povilas is my only man and I insist that all these gossips stop!”

Alerx Djachenko, unwillingly immersed in this story, is not hiding his anger: “For the last three and a half years I have a girlfriend in St. Petersburg that I love very much and with whom I have a very serious relations. She is not a public person and because she is staying out of public eye, it is twice more unpleasant for her to read such slender. Also, Rita’s husband is participating in the project as well. Because of one dirty gossip, four people are suffering.”


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