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Friday, December 07, 2007


Oxana Bauil was denied adoption

Translation of an article by Svetlana Orlova a correspondent of the Russian language publication Express Gazeta printed on December 5, 2007

Not long ago, the Ukrainian figure skater, currently living in the US, swore that she has not had a drink in 10 years, since her auto accident when she almost died in the crash.

After a righteous celebration of her 30th birthday in the central synagogue of NYC, the figure skater had a grandiose drinking party. Ordering vodka by the case, she was complaining that she was denied a chance to become a mother.

Initially everything in the synagogue was as decent as Oxana promised – a fashion show, a concert and a huge kosher cake with candles. When she completed the “compulsory” program, the figure skater went with a small group of friends into a bohemian night club in the center of New York for a “free” program. The waiters could not serve her vodka fast enough. The birthday girl drank one shot after another. At some point, she climbed on the table and declared that she was the number one figure skater in the world. The next moment, she was crying and smearing her makeup. While crying, she took out from her purse a picture of her and a small girl in a pink coat. She was looking at the picture for a long time, gasping. In the early morning hours, Oxana was so drunk that she could not get up from the chair and refused to vacate the premises. The management called a taxi and escorted her out.

Before her 30th birthday, Oxana told the press that she was planning to adopt a 6 year old girl who lived in an Odessa children’s home called Tikva. Mark Dreerman, director of Tikva, told this correspondent that Oxana visited the home twice this and last year as part of a delegation of business people. The skater was teaching the children to skate, and took them to the movies. She became very fond of one little girl- 6 years old Vera. The girl also took to Oxana and was crying when Oxana left. Oxana told the management of the home that she wanted to adopt the child, but Mr. Dreerman refused her. He explained that it would be possible only if Vera was an orphan. Although she was from a broken family, she had living parents. Oxana was very upset.

The figure skater lived in the US for more than 10 years after she won Olympic Gold. She was hoping for “mountains of gold” in the States, but she could not handle the fame and the money, and developed a drinking problem. She was treated for alcohol and drug abuse for three years. Oxana was married twice: the first time she married a young businessman and former Russian emigrant Evgeny Sunik; the second time it was a 40 years old businessman Jim Brennan. She did not have any kids with either of them. (Ed. Note: It's questionable whether Oxana ever actually legally married either of the men.)

Oxana makes a good living by skating in the ice shows. She has a luxury apartment in New Jersey with two Mercedes in the garage. The only thing that she is missing is a woman’s happiness. That was why Oxana wanted to adopt a child. It is questionable if she could do it in the USA. Her scandalous reputation of a drunkard would prevent her. So she decided to adopt a child from her former motherland, where she is still remembered and loved. But if she could not put a stop to her drinking problem, she may never enjoy the happiness of motherhood.


  • At December 07, 2007 10:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    From the time Oksana left Galina I have felt sorry for her. She is a lost person desperately in need of a loving, stable family. There are other things she needs to, but a family would be a great stabilizer. Just like Britney Spears has gone off the deep end, so has Oksana. She is desperately looking for peace and a purpose for living.


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