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Friday, December 21, 2007


Slutskaya went back on ice! First performance of Irina Slutskaya after giving birth became surprise of the ice show at Red Square in Moscow.

Translation of an article by Oleg Chirkis printed on December 21, 2007 in the Russian language publication Sovetsky Sport.

On Wednesday, December 19, Red Square in Moscow and The Palace Square in St. Petersburg became the venues for the “Ice Show of Two Capitals” in which the best figure skaters in the world skated in exhibition programs. The Moscow part of the show had several surprises: just one month after childbirth, Irina Slutskaya went on ice; after a 10 years break, the Olympic Champions Oxana Grischuk and Evgeny Platov skated together; and Canadian skater Emmanuel Sandhu not only skated but also sang a song that he composed himself.

“Pure souls, they are dressed so lightly,” said a woman dressed in a silver fur coat standing at Red Square and talking about Jana Chochlova and Sergey Novitsky who were opening the show to the gypsy music of “Dark Eyes,” dressed in too light costumes to perform outside on a cold December day in Moscow.

The beginning of the show in Moscow was delayed for 30 minutes since the TV crews could not establish the TV Bridge to St. Petersburg. Alexey Tichonov and Alexey Yagudin stepped out for a short time and went back to warm up inside. Finally the producer of the show, Ilja Averbuch, announced that the show would start in 2 minutes and the announcers of the Moscow show – Averbuch and Slutskaya came out on ice. The announcers from St. Petersburg - Evgeny Pluschenko and Tatiana Navka appeared on the screen. They shared their observations about the weather in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

“How is the weather in St. Petersburg?” – asked Irina.

“Perfect – it is cold and windy” - replied Navka.

The show started and after the first pair on ice in Moscow comes out Emmanuel Sandu of Canada. The spectators, feeling rather cold, met him without much enthusiasm, but Emmanuel warmed them up by a perfect performance where he flawlessly performed three triple jumps and also sang his own song.

Sandu was followed on ice by Maria Petrova and Alexey Tikhonov, who were met with an ovation. These skaters never lacked the love of their fans, but after they participated in the TV shows on channel 1, they became super popular. The spectators forced them to perform an encore number.

Oxana Grischuk and Evgeny Platov, the only two time Olympic Champions in Ice Dancing were next on the ice. They have not performed together since their last Olympic Games in Nagano. Oxana tried herself as a movie actress and Evgeny tried himself as a coach, but not long ago they started performing together again. The spectators loved their performance to the music of a local band.

And then Averbuch jokingly announced – “ For the first time after giving birth to her child, Irina Slutskaya is coming back on ice on her “wobbling” feet.”

Irina jokingly replied: “It is nobody’s business to know about my feet.” She came out on ice to skate with Averbuch himself. Their performance reminded many of performances from the Ice Period show - a lot of smiles, emotions, very simple jumps and lifts without any complex elements, but it was just the beginning, since Irina gave birth to her son, Artem, only a month ago.

The show closed with the performance of Yagudin. No one could “blow up” the spectators as the champion of Salt Lake City could with the help of rock and roll music. The only person who could compete with Alexey in this was Pluschenko, but he was an announcer in St. Petersburg at that time.


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