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Thursday, April 10, 2008


Evgeny Pluschenko: This time I will invite everyone to the wedding.

Translation of an interview by Maria Remizova (MR) printed in the Russian language publication “Komsomolskaya Pravda” on March 27, 2008.

Evgeny Pluschenko (EP), the famous figure skater told this reporter about his personal life and his plans for a return to big sport.

MR – You are coming back to big sport. Are you getting ready for the Olympics?

EP – Of course I am getting ready for competition.

MR - Whom do you see as the real competitors in figure skating?

EP – I was watching the Worlds recently and saw that there were some good skaters. I was rooting for the guy from Japan, but he ended up in fourth place. Our skater, Voronov, was not bad. I was surprised by how badly Lambiel was skating. Buttle looked good, but I think I can beat them.

MR – Do you have any good luck charms?

EP – No, I do not, just my cross and an icon.

MR – You seem to have lost a lot of weight lately.

EP – It is not enough. I just started losing weight. I am playing tennis and hockey.

MR – Where do you like to rest?

EP – I like St. Petersburg. I am building a house with a steam room in the suburbs. Also I like to ride a motorbike.

MR – You recently got divorced. Do you see your son?

EP – Of course I see him.

MR – What gifts do you give him?

EP – I brought him a child’s car and he drives it and even knows how to park. From Japan, I brought him a samurai sward. He started walking at about 9 months and now easily climbs up to the third floor. He already says “papa”.

MR – In your last interview to our paper you said that you met your new love and you would not rule out that you may get married this year. But you did not tell us the name of your chosen one. Will you have a lavish wedding like your first one, or you will marry in secret?

EP – I will have a great wedding and hope that it will be in St. Petersburg. It will be a celebration for all of my friends, since I did not invite many of my friends to my first wedding.

Currently Evgeny has been seen going out with a pretty blond, the producer of famous Russian singer Dima Bilan, named Jana Rudkovsky. The loving eyes of Pluschenko are speaking loudly of his feelings for her. They met about a year ago. They started going out in public together only after the divorce of Pluschenko. There are rumers that they want to legalize their relations by the end of this year. Evgeny is 26 years younger than Jana’s current husband. She claims that Evgeny became her reliable friend. Until now Pluschenko and Rudkovskaja were not publicizing their relations, since she was still married.
Her husband, Victor Baturin, postponed their divorce till mid April. Jana claimed that her husband has a very tough character. It is not a secret that Jana is a very mysterious woman. She has a lot of admirers in show business and that was why some gossiped that it was not clear what drove her to divorce – feelings for Pluschenko, or just PR.


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