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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Anton Sikharulidze canceled his wedding

Translation of an article by Maria Remizova printed in a Russian Language publication Komsomolskaya Pravda on April 8, 2008.

Friends of the Olympic Champion are hoping that the lovers will reconcile.

Famous figure skater and Chairman of the Committee of the Russian Parliament for Physical Education and Sports, 31 year old Anton Sikharulidze, can not say good bye to his bachelor life. Last winter, he told the press that he was getting married in the summer. His bride was a 21 year old girl with auburn hair named Nadezda.

This beauty is a graduate of the Moscow State University, Institute of Journalism.

His relationship with Nadezda has not always been worry free. During Anton’s performance in the "Ice Period" show, Nadezda was very jealous of Anton’s skating partners – the singer Sasha Saveljeva, and the dancer Nastia Volochkova, with whom he was very friendly. It almost came to a break up between Anton and Nadezda, but finally they resolved their problems and the date of the wedding was set for July 5.

More than 300 hundred guests were invited to the wedding, but last week the bride called her friends and told them that the wedding was off. The friends are hoping that they will make up again since they look so nice together.

It has been observed that Anton moved out from the place where he lived together with Nadezda and now lives alone in a Moscow Marriott Hotel.


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