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Thursday, May 22, 2008


Maxim Marinin – an Olympic torch bearer.

Translation of an article printed in the Russian Language publication on April 6, 2008.

During a break in the Olympic torch rally at Isaakievsky Square in St. Petersburg, most of the torch bearers were taking it easy and spending time in a friendly chat.

But the 2006 Olympic champion in pair figure skating, Maxim Marinin, was diligently practicing.

Said Maxim, β€œAt this time I am not worried, but I know that I will get an adrenalin rush as soon as I will take the torch in my hands. It was decided by the organizers of the event that I will receive it from the hands of my partner Tatiana Totmjanina. I was getting ready for the event differently than other torch bearers. My friend, Aleksey Urmanov, told me that he was practicing by running around the house with a cigarette lighter, which acted as a torch for him. I did not have time for it. I just came from Moscow this morning and went to the square directly from the railroad station. I am going back tonight. We are continuing to participate in the show by Ilja Averbuch. I am sure that I am in a good sports form to run the 250 meters (820 feet) of the rally. I do not know at this time what I will do with the torch that will be given to me as a present. Maybe I will put it next to my Olympic Gold Medal. It is not the most original decision, but it is the best that came to my mind at this time.”


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