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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Appeal of Staijsky sentence.

Translation of an article printed in Russian language publication on April 7, 2008

An appeal of the sentence received by the two time World Champion in Ice Dancing Maxim Stavijsky was filed in the appellate court of the Bulgarian city of Burgas.

Earlier, the lower court sentenced him to 2.5 years of suspended sentence; 5 years of probation; a fine of 150 thousand Euros and suspension of a driver’s license for 4 years.

The prosecution found that sentence to be too light and demanded he be given a more severe punishment that would include prison time.

The attorneys for the victims are also demanding higher fines. In particular, the father of Manuela Gorsova, one of the victims of the accident, is demanding one million Euros.

According to the law, the appellate court will make its decision within a month.

The accident happened on August 5, 2007, when Stavijsky was driving his Hummer under the influence of alcohol. He crossed over into oncoming traffic and collided with a Honda. As a result of this accident, the driver of Honda, a 21 years old man, was killed and an 18 year old woman was put into a coma. Several other people had lighter traumas as well.


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